Monday, April 18, 2011

A Wood Mac Case...

...handmade to perfection! All thanks to the Silva Ltd brand, that decided to make the MacBook case more stylish, elegant and old-school!
Why do they think their case is so great? Here:
Why have a case if it doesn’t have a handle? Do you really want to hide half your case under your arm? Silva LTD has designed your case so that it feels comfortable in your hand and shows off as much as it can, while still protecting your MacBook. We also made the case to cover the entire computer, not just a portion, leaving nothing to chance.
I'm sure that after reading this post most of you are wondering if I'm using a Mac. Well, I just won't go there, because (as I said before) technology really hates me!!! Yep...nothing changed.

But I have plenty of friends that just adore the fruity-brand. And most of them love bamboo, so for them this is perfection. So, it comes for the 13" and 15" MacPro, at the price of $179.99. Buy it here! Now that's a true Easter present! (for your geeky-cool-mac-user friend!)From: Holy Cool

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