Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Political Fashion Statement

In Harper's Bazaar September issue, Tyra posses as First Lady of the USA (impersonating Michelle Obama - wife of Barack Obama).
It's a runway to the Oval Office!

Tyra Banks said after the photo shoot: Michelle Obama, you're one hot mama!![...]and I love that she's tall!
Well...there are more sides to politics! Everybody's got one!
Photos: by Alexi Lubomirski
For: Harper's Bazaar

Fashion Tips From a True Fashion Icon!


Yeye!!! Mr. T is the shhhh...! You don't believe me? Remember that even Carrie got inspired by his ghetto-gold look!

Take it Back to the Black

Photo shoot: Le Freak, C’est Chic

Monday, September 29, 2008

When Funny Just Isn't Funny Anymore...

Ok, you know me, I love a good laugh! But this is too much even for me! Take a look and you be the judge:

So? Freaky!!! Le freak, c'est chic! :))
from: OnlineTimepass

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Music For Your Ears...and Neck

This stuff is made for me! I know it! Why is it so special? Well, all this is made out of recycled records!!! Jeff Davis, an American industrial designer, is the one responsible for the collection's birth.
I know what all you dj's are thinking right now...all those records!!! NOOOooo! But who knows, maybe it was all bad music - and if that is the case, then Jeff just did us a really big favor! Just think happy thoughts! Happy thoughts!
(I know I am! Must buy! Must buy!)
Ohh...this is the stuff dreams are made of!
You can buy this fab jewelry here, for $25.
From: Geek Alerts

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Perfection Is In The Tailoring!

This is a great Massimo jacket! It's practical (a great look for day or evening...even tough it's a bit casual) and stylish!
Featuring a graphic, almost architectural style, the jackets highest quality (as far as I'm concern) are the hidden buttons.
Yes, the clean look, is the look!

Buy it @ Acne

Albert Einstein's Time

SELECTISM: Albert Einstein's Longines Chronograph

Friday, September 26, 2008

The World of Luis-Vuitton ... or How the Japaneses See It in Vogue

Japan Vogue introduces the reader to a Louis Vuitton Daft punk-esque 3-D World shoot. Pretty op-art, don't you agree?

Photographer: Daniel Sannwald.
From: MensRag

Wallace and Gromit in ... FASHION?!

Wallace poses in a Paul Smith suit and Gromit sits with a Duchamp scarf and pair of Ray Ban 'Wayfarers.'

The duo pose in an Alexander McQueen suit, Dolce and Gabbana shirt, Armani tie (Wallace) and Paul Smith scarf (Gromit.)

Lady Campanula Tottington joins the campaign. She wears a black draped dress by Alexander McQueen, fabulous red patent shoes by Christian Louboutin and a metallic bronze ‘Puffy’ bag by Zagliani.

However, fans of the dynamic duo, stars of the Oscar-winning films The Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave, don’t have to worry that their heroes have had their heads turned by Hollywood. Bosses at Harvey Nichols chose the pair as the faces of a new store they are opening in Bristol, where Wallace and Gromit were created by animator Nick Park. (Dailymail)

They couldn't have chosen greater models - they all go great with the geek trend!

What will they do next? Try to create a fashion collection maybe?

Karl Safety-Fashionable Advice

"It's yellow, it's ugly, it doesn't go with anything, but it could save your life." - Karl Lagerfeld, in his road safety PSA for France.

H&M Fall/Winter 2008 - Woman Collection

Chloe criss-cross heels and Miu Miu dress?! Hmmm...the inspiration for this fall collection is pretty clear! Despite the lack of inspiration in designs, the clothes look great.
And...really now, isn't H&M the brand that combines high class designs with low prices? Well, good for them...and for us as well!

Images From:The FashionTime

How Much Geekier Can We Get?!

Without any doubt the Lego-inspired accessory is a MUST for next spring!
They've always been popular as far as fashion goes, but for the past few years...things seem to have gotten out of control!
The first appearance: at Balenciaga and Jum Naoko in 2007
Then we saw them: at Marc Jacobs and Joy Haan in 2008
And now...they popped-up: at Reyes in 2009.
Even art is going with the flow. Oh...there have been so many signs!
Well...I'm overwhelmed with joy! Why not add a little colorful-fun into our outfits?! Yes, go for it! Don't let the kids have all the fun!
But seriously, what next? Polly-pocket bags? Or, even better: macaroni necklaces!
oh, gotta love the fashion world!

Have a Splash!!!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Fashionable Underworld

Designer: Silvia Hillmann and Katrin Wiens
Country: Germany

Now This Is a Look Book!!! All Hail PRADA!

If you know me, you are aware of my little obsession with Prada. So, even tough some times I exaggerate talking about the brand or the designer, this Look-Book for Prada's fall/winter 2008 collection is going to leave you speechless!

We are no longer talking just about fashion design, but also about artistically manufactured fabric, great equilibrium in the flow of the collection's pieces and all this sprinkled with a little reality hint. Each image tells a different story and shows a different angle of reality.(No squealing! Remember that it's all in you head!)

Truly inspirational, just like a trend-book.

foto. FashionBirdCage