Monday, June 30, 2008

Westwood Want's You to:

In Dazed and Confused Special Guest Collaboration Issue in July, Dame Vivienne Westwood wants you to get a life.The message is clear enough Get a life because Dame Vivienne said so. The presentation goes like this:A young self-sufficient tribe of eco-warriors dress for the future camouflaged in recycled waste and plant-life. In this all-about-Vivienne confusion, Oliviero Toscani (photographer, famous for his work with Benetton, if you remember there used to be lot of kids in the Benetton campaigns) shows the designers ideas for the future, in a clean and safe environment, so that the message doesn't get lost in the props.

The photo shoot reminders me of The Lord of the Flies, by William Golding. A story about the human actions when faced with an important issue: fighting for survival.
Photos: Nicola Formichetti's blog

Remember the Fashionable Simpsons?

Here are 3 photos with the designers in front of their Simpsons shots. I know you remember them, but I just thought it would be fun to shoe them to you :) They are so cute with their yellow skin...Albert looks great together with the cartoon characters. He is always so happy! I guess nothing could rain on this designers parade!
The resemblance is remarkable! He truly is one of our ages characters. A man that will remain in history not only as a designer for Chanel, but also as an interesting human being.
Always looking cool..but not in a cool ways...

Elbaz Still Plays With Dolls

The Lavin designer, released last year a collection of mini-dolls, representing the brand's fashion designs in 2007.Despite being priced at $800 a pop, the minis were already sold out before making their entry in the market. On the bright side, he's not the only designer with dolls on the mind (and the others come in a whole lot cheaper too!)

Albert Elbaz ins seen as a little bit cu-cu, but that's why we love him so much, right? He is all what you don't think a fashion designer should even stronger argument for him being so famous this days!

A Fashion Marathon

It's all over. So, if you want to see the collections of young designers from Timisoara, please visit Fashion Marathon
In a few days, all the collections will be up and ready to be looked at! :) Be sure to check it out!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Finger Talk

I just had to lat you know how to interpret this gang you'll know from now one who's who.

I tried them, but I failed miserably. HOPE your fingers are more elastic then mine...Please try the first one, BLOOD.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Fashionable Ikea

Since I seem to be in an advertising mood, here is something that seems so normal, but until now it just didn't happen. It's an Ikea advertisement, with a fashion feeling. This campaign is from last year, even so, it's pretty intriguing.
The Norwegian fashion designer Peter Løchstøer, designed fashion outfits out of bedlinen. However, it is nothing new combining home decor and fashion...Susie Bubble, a great London-based fashion blogger reported going to Zara Home to get some things for her home... She walked out with the perfect new dress. By the way, exactly this bedsheets were used to create the shirt with the bow; they cost 16,95 euros.

IKEA always tried (and most of the time manage) to create innovative interior design and advertisement.. I find this one is genius. It's highly relevant to the target group, illustrating clothing storage possibilities as well as alternative use of their fabrics.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fashion Victim of the Flood

I had this post for some time now...and it's not the best season to talk about it's subject, being summer and all. Even so, it's a great campaign and it represents a mile stone in Romanian advertising. Plus, Carioca (please check them out) had something to do with it - together with TBWA Merlin agency.
These ads from the Romanian Red Cross became finalist at the 2006’s edition of New York Festivals (category International Design, Outdoor & Print Advertising) and at the Cresta Awards (category print).
They are agency TBWA Merlin’s first nominations at an international festival and the first signs of the agency’s creativity being acknowledged at an international level, after the TBWA and Merlin Advertising partnership.
Radu Olteanu, TBWA Merlin copywriter: The Flood victims need your clothes campaign ads are not following the emotional trend that’s so common to all social campaigns made in Romania. This is how they came to the idea to make a special t-shirts collection. The fund raising is done through the Outwear shops.The message is a simple one: Your clothes are not making them look cool, but they will for sure be very useful. It’s time we made happier social campaigns in our country too.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

King Karl - DJ & Thief

Liberty City is home to some pretty unsavory characters, but the newest version of Grand Theft Auto, the IVth, will feature at least one polished gentleman: Karl Lagerfeld.
Herr Karl will be contributing to the soundtrack of the game, selecting his favorite tracks and providing off-color commentary as a virtual DJ on one of GTA's many radio stations. Lagerfeld has ventured into the music world before, putting out compilations of his favorite tunes and commissioning Devendra Banhart to record a creepy-genius "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" for his over-the-top Dom Perignon ad campaign, but this is his first foray into gaming. You won't actually see him in the game—at least not yet—which is probably just as well; a city as grimy as this one is no place for Dior Homme.
I prefer to be in a video than to play with it, Lagerfeld said. I would love to be a very nasty, politically incorrect character.

Monday, June 16, 2008

An Offended Hero

He entered the site, he saw, he was shocked. How could I not like that watch?!
OK people, this is IT:
A Casio G-Shock, with lets say retro feel to it.
In order to establish who's right, I'm going to start a one week a poll, so please help us decide.
What am I saying: It's nice, it's fun, it's not something I would give money for.
What Hero is saying: It's the Nike Air Force One of the watch industry.
...hopefully, I one week I'll be the hero!

This Is For My Hero

Who is my hero?! Well...Hiero is my Hero.
Never mind!
So, a few days ago I was looking at some fancy watches with Him(the hero, get the picture). So, of course, I was looking at the design, colors, staff like that, important stuff, or so I thought. Then he picked up the worst watch I've ever seen... YOU MUST BE JOKING!
As the words came out of my mouth, the clerk said : it's water proof, it can go under water for as deep as 1 000 meters (yeah, like he's ever going to go that deep!) and it has a display of 2 timezones, it show the on, so on. Apparently, all that is good, that's what a real man needs / thinks he needs!
Even if I just can't get it...(I find it stupid, unnecessary and...UGLY!)I am going to accept the fact that having as many useless stuff, all put together in the smallest gadget, is important...for some...
So, here's what I found (just in case you come upon a laptop in the wilderness):The Swiss army knife with USB drive has been around for a while in a 2GB model. Now you can get a similar multi tool with an 8GB storage capacity.(or so they say...)
At least this thing is funny, geeky...that watch wasn't!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

French Nostalgia...

Sunday music, French nostalgia, Patricia Kaas...just because

Catwalk of Leaves

Fall fashion shows popped around the web and tv for a wile now, so I guess it's time to show you some of my favorite ones (in no particular order). The most important trends are odious and in connection with the colors of the season. Besides that, the look is very lied back, relaxed, with a bit of ethnic touch.
So, my advise is to get in touch with your origins and get inspiration from what you see out the window. Not too much to do, right? Even so, pleas don't get carried away and keep in mined the designer-proposals.

Alexandre Herchcovitch

Anna Sui

Badgley Mischka

BCBG Max Azria

Bill Blass

Bottega Veneta

Rachel Roy

Matthew Williamson

Eley Kishimoto

Diane von Furstenberg
I'm happy that the relaxed look is overstretch into fall. Women look natural, with a hint of earth-goddess in them. So, what more there is to say?
Can't wait for the leaves to fall...

Chanel Gets Serious!

Read it and remember it!

What if Wonderland Were Real?

In that would probably look something like this:It's a bit freaky, but I'm not complaining. The photos are the work of Yeondoo Jung, the project: Wonderland. The idea was to recreate, using the world of photography, images of a lost childhood: pinky rooms, giant flowers, special princess friends, funny looking bodies...The beauty comes from one thing: in that innocent world, everything is permitted, everything is possible. Little fashionistas in becoming! Well...the colors are great!
I just can't stop thinking about my drawing back then and what would a photo shoot inspired by them look like...Oh, yeah! should thank your lucky star I don't have the means to recreate them!
So, hope you at least smiled while watching them!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fishy Diesel, part II

Now that you saw the show, here are a few photos...As you can see, the effect is great and I just can't imagine what's like to see it live. I love the contrast between the stiff clothes (a sort of trademark for Diesel) and the soft water creatures.

Great job!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fishy Diesel

One of the most exciting fashion shows I've ever seen...and the clothes are not bed either! Well, I'm just going to be mean and say it: the focus is not on the collection!!! And we are talking about a fashion show. It's too bad, because their style is beautiful and clean, just great for young people!
So, what can I say? Enjoy the SHOW:

Nice, right?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Way Fashionable, Wayfarer

They are back and they are the new hottest thing in fashion. If seen without a pair, you will support the consequences!

After it was introduced in 1952, it took almost a decade for Ray-Ban Wayfarer to achieve fashion icon status after Audrey Hepburn’s “breakfasted” outside the windows at Tiffany’s in 1961 in a Givenchy dress, pearls and a pair of classic Wayfarers. Dan Aykroyd & John Belushi rocked Wayfarers as The Blues Brothers (1980), as did Madonna, Deborah Harry of Blondie, Elvis Costello, members of U2 and, of course, Tom Cruise in 1983’s Risky Business.

The 70 year old label is now re-branding, taking advantage of their longtime links to hip music & movies. When we began to look at how we wanted to strategically position the brand, we came to an easy and natural conclusion that in the history of our product we have a gold mine Marcello Favagrossa, Ray-Ban's brand director recently told WWD. So now what we are trying to do is dig out the gold nuggets. But the challenge behind promoting a history of a brand is how do you convey the message that it's always modern? Then we began addressing the brand's longtime association with rock 'n' roll, and we realized it would be a perfect thing to focus on. We wanted to stress the American DNA of the brand, but also let it be a bit rough around the edges.

Interestingly, when WWD compiled its WWD 100, Ray-Ban was the fifth most recognized accessory (after Liz Claiborne, Nine West, Gucci and Coach). The iconography of the brand is closely linked with the movie industry, as well as the music industry. And that created a magic that has moved with the brand. But when we acquired it, the business results were not as healthy as the image and reputation, explains Fabio D'Angeloantonio, group marketing director of Luxottica which acquired the Ray-Ban from Bausch & Lomb in 1999.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fashion from A to 2000

I've found this image on Octavian Sever Coifan's blog Fashion Factory and I've decided to shear it with all of you. It's great to see all of history's silhouettes in just one picture.Here is another teaser to make you visit him on his page: he is a member of Société Française des Parfumeurs. If you don't understand Romanian, just enjoy the pictures, or visit his other blog, dedicated entirely to perfumes 1000fragrances.
So, in Octavian Coifan's words, regarding where is fashion heading: ça on va voir!

Charming Sixties

Maybe you were expecting this article, because you know just how obsessed I've gotten with this time period! This is just a small sketch and I wrote it just because of this amazing Burda images...
At the beginning of the 60s, France's Haute Couture was still the main fashion influence. Just in a few years, there was a blooming of the economy, that helped women from other European countries become more self-assured.
The unique suit styles of André Courrèges were presented next to afternoon dresses in chic artichoke-look from Pierre Cardin, or Mary Quant's legendary creation of the miniskirt (this days, that's really not considered that small...).
1965 was the year of André Courrèges. First the French designer stunned the world with knee-length, trapezoid dresses and then he sent ladies into the city wearing the pantsuit. He dressed women all in white, worked with starkly geometric cuts, and introduced plastic foils as clothing material. Yves Saint Laurent followed the design of the street suit, then topped it in 1966 with the creation of the first women's tuxedo! In the same period, fashion trends from London became popular. Inspired by the short skirts of her colleague - the English designer Mary Quant - Courrèges, went one step further, making skirts even shorter and thereby creating the miniskirt. For the first time, trends came from the street and not from Haute Couture.
Here are some fashion sketches, from a 1966 Burda Magazine issue: