Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Otaku Fashion

Colors, colors, colors. The pants are made from individual elastic strings.

Cute - pink. The bag is made according to the origami technique.

Pisces of textile and many, many buttons.

The top is made from shoelaces and the skirt is Mockingbird's Evil Twin model.

A little puffy bride.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Urban summer dress

Strapless dress, hand painted( MockingBird inspired)

Crosswise Scottish pattern

Short, strapless dress, with over-sized lower part

Under the knee classic skirt, with different color textile patches

Multi-functional safari pants

The pants have many pockets(for as much storage as possible) and they can be transformed. They can have the classic under the knee length, but they can also be short, by detaching a part using a hidden zipper.

The pants can be transformed in short-pants


Black jeans dress, hand-painted (classic Japanese waves)

Front picture

Back picture



The textile colors