Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm actually disappointed...

Last week I think, Diana (SoFashon) was writing a post about what a hard beginning of the year she was having. Why? People not honoring their part of the deal, not understanding what made to measure really involves, work being hard etc. etc. Well, I'm ready to join her heartbroken by fashion club (if she will ever have one).

Uh...sorry guys...I'm just feeling a little blue these days... Img. From: Urban Candy 2nd photoshoot

Colors in the Snow

Chuck Anderson was approached by Burton, to create a design and pattern in order to be used for their 2009 outerwear. The design is based around the theme and name Light Camo.

Well, I love it! I'm cu-cu about it! and my obsession with colors! Anyway, with this camouflage nobody will find me at the North Poll...when standing in front of Aurora Borealis! From: No Pattern

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Paul Smith Fall-2009

I know it's a bit early (yes, I know I say it all the time), but the Parisian catwalks are full of cool guys, cute nerds and gods of rock.

Something like that can't pass me by!

Until now, this is my favorite collection. With a fresh country look, Paul had me at the first bow!

Plus, I'm crazy about the talented mr. Ripley look!

From: Men's Rag

My All Time Favorite!

Her name: Brigitte Bardot.
Her fame goes around the world.

You know her, I know her, we all know her.

I could talk about her French origin (born in Paris, by the name Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot). I could talk about her modeling career, or about her career in the European movie industry (great films like And God Created Woman where she played next to Jean-Louis Trintignant; Famous Love Affairs with the gorgeous Alain Delon).

We could talk for advice, goole her, or go straight to Wikipedia!
Until the, here is the lovely Brigitte:

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Roadkilled Pets, Turned in TOYS!!!

Never killed little animals have been so cute! I love them, I want one! Just look at them with their cute organs on the out-side! :)) sorry, sorry! But they are really cute and funny! Go to Roadkill Toys ( the brand responsible for them) to find out more - about the characters and the whole story!
And...when buying them you also get a death certificate!
From: Roadkill Toys

Welcome to the Cakeshop

Yes, yes, I know...the title is stupid, but it made me laugh :)) Ok, seriously now, the Cakeshop is a brand from Sao Paulo, Brazil. A brand that I like very much and that I wanted to shear with you. Hope you like it :)

A Different World

Economy Crisis Fashion

Here is a versatile circle scarf, coming from American Apparel. So, you don't have only a scarf but also a dress, a hood, or a skirt, or so on...(please see the picture for more information).

I can't say it a gorgeous look, a extremely fashionable one! Because it's not! But it is practical and it something else. Not ugly but not beautiful...just different. Despite this, I like it, especially because of the fact that it reinvents it self, over and over again.

It would be fun to try it, right?

From: American Apparel Store

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Craving for Summer...

Peter Marciniak is an amazing photographer from Poland. I've founded he's work on Behance and just can't get enough since then!

This photo shoot (Underwater Love) reminds me of summer (something that we all want in the middle of winter, right?). Plus, I'm crazy about the Polaroid effect - very Californian like!After seeing this, I can say without any reservation, that I believe in love at first sight!
From: Behance

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Cat Empire

A band I admire, a music I love! Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Christian Dior!

So, as you may know, Dior - j'adore!

So I'm more then excited of celebrating the famous designer's birthday!What do you know about him? Christian Dior was best known as the founder of one of the world's top fashion houses; even so, he's work in the fashion industry is enormous and (most of all) very important.
Actually , he was the most influential fashion designer of the late 1940s and 1950s.

CHRISTIAN DIOR (1905 to 1957) dominated fashion after World war II with the hourglass silhouette of his voluptuous New Look. He also defined a new business model in the post-war fashion industry by establishing Dior as a global brand across a wide range of products. At that time, he was so famous in France that he influenced youngsters to become designers. Youngsters like another Christian:
My mother says that when I was little my grandfather used to take me and my cousins on one side after dinner and ask us what we wanted to be when he grew up, and I’d say ‘Christian Dior’. He was so famous in France at the time. It seemed as if he wasn’t a man, but an institutionBecause I'm a person that relies on facts, I think this makes a thousand words (just like he's work!).

1905 Born in Granville on the Gulf of St Malo on the Normandy coast, as the second of five children a wealthy fertilizer manufacturer.
1910 The family move to Paris and Dior enrolls at the Lycée Gerson
1923 To please his father, Dior studies at the Ecole des Sciences Politiques (Sciences Po’) to prepare to join the diplomatic corps.
1928 Opens a modern art gallery, Galerie Jacques Bonjean, with a friend and financial backing from his father.
1931 The Dior family business folds in the depression. Forced to close the gallery, Dior scrapes a living by selling his art collection and fashion sketches to couturiers.
1938 The couturier Robert Piguet employs Dior as a design assistant at his new couture house.
1939 When World War II begins, Dior is called up into the French Army, but is demobilized after a year when France surrenders and joins his family on a farm in Provence.
1941 Returns to Paris to work as a design assistant to Lucien Lelong.
1946 After World War II ends, Dior persuades the industrialist Marcel Boussac to back him in the opening of his own couture house to be managed by the civil servant Jacques Rouët.
1947 On 12 February Dior presents his debut couture collection, which is an instant success dubbed the ‘New Look’ for its voluptuous silhouette and luxurious fabrics. Launch of the first Dior perfume, Miss Dior.
1948 Dior and Rouët open a ready-to-wear boutique in New York and, over the next few years, launch new perfumes and negotiate the licensing rights for Christian Dior hosiery, ties and other products.
1950 Designs a dress for Marlene Dietrich in Alfred Hitchcock’s Stage Fright and, the following year, a suit for Dietrich in No Highway in the Sky.
1954 After years of variations on the New Look, Dior unveils his new direction, the French Bean Line or Flat Look.
1955 Yves Mathieu-Saint-Laurent joins Dior as a design assistant. The Grande Boutique opens on Avenue Montaigne and Dior launches a cosmetics range.
1956 Designs over a dozen dresses for Ava Gardner in The Little Hut.
1957 Christian Dior dies of a heart attack after choking on a fish bone while on a rest cure at a spa in Montecatini, Italy. Dior’s funeral in Paris is attended by more than 2,500 people. Yves Saint Laurent is named as Dior’s successor and unveils his first collection in January 1958.From: Design Museum and ModeKultur

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Valentine's Day Sale

This is my gift to all you fashion lovers out there! So, if you want one of the dresses, hurry to order one, because the deadline is 14 FEB 2009 (this date included).

Have fun using theFword fashion! :))

Valentine's Day Sale 4.

Little Almost Black Dress:
A cute party dress that can't wait to go out with you. It has a large-fitter color and no back - that's why the front is so special. Made from a different color, it offers different patterns, each one unique (made with the sewing machine). The fabric is cotton.

Color: Black with hot pink (or other color on request)
Size: 38/M (on request, other sizes)
Price: 100 RON +transport (before 150 RON)

Valentine's Day Sale 3.

Paint it Black - One Shoulder Dress:

The simple cut compliment the body's shapes and also manages to keep the accent on the print (simple, but interesting). The fabric is cotton combined with spandex.

Color: Black with fuchsia (or other color on request)
Size: S (on request, other sizes)
Price: 100 RON +transport (before 150 RON)

Valentine's Day Sale 2.

Paint it Black Dress:

A classic dress, with a special cut and a special color combination. The cut details (at the neck and the waist) make it fit all sizes, complimenting the silhouette - because of the volumes created.

Color: Black with fuchsia (or other color on request)
Size: M (on request, other sizes)
Price: 100 RON +transport (before 150 RON)