Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Barbie!!!

You don't look a day older (even if now you are a 50 year-old woman) since you were born.
You know her, I know her, you had one, I did also...and if you are a guy, you've looked at her in a sexual way. That's ok, she's truly fictional, because no one with a figure like that could survive. Even so, she is considered an image for perfection. Maybe in trying to achieve the Barbie perfection, you reach the real-life one...who knows.
You are right, I'm not going to say not even 1 bad thing about her. She's a childhood toy and she's going to remain that for me. I adore her! That's it!
Happy 50th Birthday Barbie!
Go here (ITH) to see a nice slide show about Barbie and her history.

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Anonymous said...

Happy b`day Barbie!!:):)