Monday, April 30, 2012

Absolutely Fabulous Cluj-Napoca!

Ever since I was at the fair (I think about a week ago...lately I'm having a really hard time keeping up with the dates) I wanted to write a GRAND post about it. Simply because there is so much to say!

But, here I am again, out of time. Hate it, but I guess that's I'm just going to do a short presentation on how it was. :)) Hope you'll enjoy it!

- got detoured on my way to Cluj-Napoca, from Arad and ended up doing double the time on the road
- my plastic mannequin was standing on my right (I was the one doing the driving) and scared all the old ladies in a small town.
- managed to sleep like a baby that night
- on the morning of the fair it was hell! I promise never to drink again on the night before (yeah...right...:| )
- walked by foot 4 floors, before I discovered the elevator!!!
- it took me 2h (LONGEST TIME EVER) to put-up my standers
- met some incredible interesting people, like Loana Vultur, from Style Corner
- have a lot of fun with Rada, from Oreille
- shocked people with the crazy colors from the new collection
- managed to sell something only after I turned the 2face jacked on the gray color (not with the multicolored side outside). a little freaked on that!
- had a really great time!
- can't wait for the next edition!

Kisses and out!
Images: theFword

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shooting With Noree Anne

Last Friday I had a great time at a photoshoot by Noree Anne Celine! And now, here I am telling you about it, in a few words and a few images...

Noree Anne Celine...Oh, she is such a lovely photographer. So nice and creative! Be sure to check out her page, in order to enjoy her work! I think for me, it was the first time I've experienced the true "fingerprint" of the photographer. She simply transformed my dresses into something else! aaa! Can't wait to show you!

Also, at the shoot was Bianca Pilan. Whom, as usual, did a great job with the hairstyling! Ahhh, in the near future we'll be collaborating for the Arina Varga ss2012 collection shoot and it will be so much fun!

In conclusion, it was all perfect. The models, the make-up, the hairstyling, the photographer and also, everybody else that helped (Noree Anne's mom broth us cake! ;) delicious).Images: theFword

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Absolutely Fabulous Fashion Fair @ Cluj-Napoca

Saturday, 21 April 2012
From 12:00, until 20:00

At Magazinul Central Cluj-Napoca, et. 4
It was high-time for the Absolutely Fabulous Fashion Fair to go West-Side! Don't you agree? It's going to be so much fun, I just can't wait. And as a plus, a lot of great designers (of fashion and jewellery) are going to be there.

So, book you Saturday for this great event!

What will I be bringing? Well, the new collection! Of course!
Because we LOVE the West Side,
Because we are from the West Side,
Because West Side si the Strong Side...
More images (as usual) soon! Until then, be sure to check the facebook page!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Knotted & Dotted - ss2012 (preview)

We will finally start shooting the Knotted & Dotted - ss2012 collection, by Arina Varga (aka.ME). I don't know why I just did that...guess I'm just tired after a hard, but fantastic day, I'll tell you more tomorrow.

So, here you can see some details, part of the colors (yep, there's more) and the main cuts. I really hope you'll enjoy it because this is my very first spring-summer collection. The fact is I am a ss person...ook, more of a Spring person, but that's basically the same (?!). Anyways, that's why I am also surprised of the fact that this is the first hot-season collection. Hmmm...maybe I'll love it and do only sunny clothes :))

The team? Almost the same:
photographer: Bogdan Iorgovan
hair styling: Bianca Pilan
accessories: Lulou
models: not sure yet :))

Yuu-huuu! Can't wait to start shooting 'snap!-snap!' (no 'bang!-bang!'), because I'm sure we'll have a wonderful time (just like at the last shooting). We are a killer team :)))Images: theFword

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Busy Bee

Hectic Days...
It's all crazy and fun. I guess the usual. New collection, new orders, brides, prom dresses, wedding dresses, doll dresses. Coffee, win (make us feel fin), fiends, games and so on.

The days are getting longer. The nights shorter but full of great times. Coming up: fairs, shootings, more orders and loads of sun! Plus all of the above! ;)) Sprinkle that with a birthday and we got all crazy and fun. The usual again!Images: theFword

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Feeling a little tired lately.
I just can't seem to find time for me. Just work work work...and even if I love my job, what I do and even if most times my job describes who I am, I just need some free time! Taking a break.

It won't happen in the near future, but one can dream.
And this song, is just perfect for that!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Is It Fashionable?

In order to start a debate here, we need to understand the therm:
fashionable [ˈfæʃənəbəl]
1. conforming to fashion; in vogue
2. of, characteristic of, or patronized by people of fashion a fashionable café
3. (usually foll by with) patronized (by); popular (with)
fashionability , fashionableness n
fashionably adv
Well, I guess most of you are familiar with the word...but almost all of us use it to describe something in connection to the world of fashion.

This is how the Amnesty International campaign started.
Ironic, of course.
With great visual impact and also heavy as far as the message, the campaign goes right to the point. So, is it FASHIONABLE to...?

How it Was @ AbFab - Spring Edition

It was painful and beautiful, at the same time!

Maybe some of you know I have to travel almost across the country to get to this fair, in Bucharest. Well, the road was hell this time! It took longer then expected, we had to take a detour and we got lost. Finally, we got to Bucharest after 11 pm.

During the night, the clock changed to the spring time. So, we lost an hour! ;((( At the fair I was like a zombie, mesmerized by all the beautiful things around me! Everybody was so beautiful, I can't even describe it!, well, I didn't even changed into the outfit I prepared for the event.

After it was all done...we went on the road again, back home! CRAZY WEEKEND!
I promise never to do this again! I want to enjoy the Absolutely Fabulous Fashion and Vintage Fair! I want to talk to people, laugh and have a fantastic time ( just like everybody else...).

The loveliest fair ever!
But, something super-duper is going to happen to the West Side of the country! And I'll be there. West Side - Strong Side! ;))))

In the end, sorry if I acted funny (not in the 'ha-ha' way) at the fair! I was dead tired. But, I promise next time I'll be on the top of my game! ;)Images:theFword