Monday, April 30, 2012

Absolutely Fabulous Cluj-Napoca!

Ever since I was at the fair (I think about a week ago...lately I'm having a really hard time keeping up with the dates) I wanted to write a GRAND post about it. Simply because there is so much to say!

But, here I am again, out of time. Hate it, but I guess that's I'm just going to do a short presentation on how it was. :)) Hope you'll enjoy it!

- got detoured on my way to Cluj-Napoca, from Arad and ended up doing double the time on the road
- my plastic mannequin was standing on my right (I was the one doing the driving) and scared all the old ladies in a small town.
- managed to sleep like a baby that night
- on the morning of the fair it was hell! I promise never to drink again on the night before (yeah...right...:| )
- walked by foot 4 floors, before I discovered the elevator!!!
- it took me 2h (LONGEST TIME EVER) to put-up my standers
- met some incredible interesting people, like Loana Vultur, from Style Corner
- have a lot of fun with Rada, from Oreille
- shocked people with the crazy colors from the new collection
- managed to sell something only after I turned the 2face jacked on the gray color (not with the multicolored side outside). a little freaked on that!
- had a really great time!
- can't wait for the next edition!

Kisses and out!
Images: theFword

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