Thursday, July 31, 2008

Protect Your Head!

From now on, we'll start talking about the fall/winter collections. I tried to post pone for too long now and time is running by fast. It still seems too soon, even tough the collection are available for too long now...:(
The stylish-polish look is still in. So you better keep on looking perfect for the next season too. You saw the colors that are in this fall, so now let's start talking about...EVERYTHING!
I love the cold season for one important thing: hats! Everybody wears them, because it's too cold otherwise (no, I'm not talking about all you sun-shine-happy-people, who live in worm climates). No, the fall/winter hates are for us, grumpy-ass-freezing snow people lookalike! Anyways, I already have a favorite at this category and I'm sure you'll agree the hats are gorgeous!
So, the winner is: John Galliano!
Hope you like them too, even tough they are from the haute couture collection...
Images from TrendDeLaCreme

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Romanian Young Designers featured an article about a few Romanian up-coming designers. All of them are my colleagues from University. Pleas visit us there to find out more (only in Romanian, sorry), to see a few pictures from our collections and to vote that article!
See us here on hotcity, or go to our blog: FashionMarathon to see all the collections from the show!

Let Me Feel Your Fabric

Oh, if only clothes could talk!
I love this 2 images and especially the message they send: true and to the point! It's great that recycling ads are becoming more and more modern and in a way even funny-that's what people remember: funny/fun stuff...and horror(but that's out this season :)) ).

Now go and see what your clothes, or your parents clothes, are doing in the closet! Who knows?! You might discover something worth posting on your blog!

The True NYC Trademark

Eyola is in the Fashion House!

Eyola explained the collection takes inspiration from the opulent style of the victorian era with a distinctive contemporary twist...
This is a stunning collection of sublime shapes, colors and textures. The hair, make-up, styling and photography are as carefully considered and as beautifully executed as the clothes themselves. The fact that it offers a true feeling when watching it, is something you don't see that often these days, that's way I feel like I must consider this superb collection: priceless.
Keep your eyes peeled for Eyola!

from: Kingdom of Style

Monday, July 28, 2008


I LOVE IT! I Must Have It!
Oh, cutey Karl T-shirt, you shell be mine!!! just a few weeks (if I'm lucky days...we'll see)
Buy it at Urban Outfitters.

Foxy Vivienne and Her Yellow Bentley

For fashion designer Vivienne Westwood no sedate silver Bentley will do.
To celebrate Milan Fashion Week, Bentley announced that it has joined forces with British designer Vivienne Westwood (known for her mini-crisis, links with the Sex Pistols and penchant for going knicker less, even during the ultra-formal ceremony when she was made a Dame by Queen Elisabeth).The Milan event was highlighted by a bright yellow 1992 Bentley Continental convertible that was shown off in front of the Palazzo Reale, where her retrospective is being held. Bentley said it is a fitting tribute to the "unconventional spirit" of Westwood. She also gets the keys to a Bentley Continental Flying Spur for use in Milan and will get a ride in the Bentley Continental GTC.

Fafi's M•A•C Style

Everybody wants a piece of street art, especially if that piece is a little France girl with a tone of talent. Yes, Fafi is back again and with a vengeance: a full fashion collection at M•A•C!The collection includes make-up, clothing and accessories. A girl couldn't ask for more! Even so, I find the collection a little bit childish. Maybe because I'm more of a Miss Van fan, don't know. But trust me, I wouldn't wear this.

Me & You: Virtual Models

Don't laugh, 'cause it can be true! Keeping in touch with the holiday mood, here's a little web fun: the virtual model!
So go and transform yourself in a virtual model too, right HERE. The good thing in all of this is that this way, you can almost get an idea on how the clothes will look on you!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Opening Soon in Arad

Girly Rock Weekend far as I'm concerned! Tyler I love u! (there, I said it)

Oh! Liv you are adorable! More on you soon, but until then:

Friday, July 25, 2008

Eastpak: Built To Resist

...or fashion for zombies.
Oh, designers must really love humanity that they came up with an after-death fashion! What? Just because my skin is falling off means I shouldn't even try to decompose with style?!
Seriously, this is one of my all time favorite fashion campaigns. Love everything about it! Oh...and by the way:


Created by OnePlusYou - Online Dating

Fashion Mocking

Funny and true. Who says the Fashion Industry doesn't have humor?! Too bad it's a sarcastic one.

Let it Shine

I stopped complaining about global warming after a saw this Diesel photos. They are too beautiful to be true (even so, I'd rather they didn't become reality).Beautiful clothes, beautiful birds, beautiful location. This photo shoot is a perfect example for that Italian Look we all crave for this summer.
Ahhhhhhh, La Vita e Bella!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Men Want to See

I guess that's what they want, according to JBS's men underwear advertisement. :))) Great, they want woman to shave their mustache while wearing manly boxers?! Oh, show a guy some boobs and ... nothing els matters!

Chinese Olympic Fashion 2

Crazy-adorable-funny Chinese fashion designers present the fashionable sport uniforms for the so fashionable Olympic Games. They took the sporty look of the event, down on Harajuku street and manga-it up! Just take a look:

I love it!!! It reminds me of the High Heel Marathon.

Oh...I can't wait for the Games to begin! Just a few more days...more days...more, more, more...grrrrr!

Chinese Olympic Fashion 1

Soon, the Olympic Games will begin. In spirit with this event, here are some swim wear collections, presented last year at the Chinese Fashion Week. The pieces were inspired by the event.

And other swimsuits, that aren't necessarily Olympic-inspired. Even so, you can see the Chinese influence (look at the red one)

Sacrifices...For Fashion

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Miuccia, Patron of the Modern Arts

The New York Times' Michael Kimmelman wrote an excellent article about Miuccia Prada as art patron. Prada has established a foundation that annually commissions two large-scale, ambitious works from great contemporary artists, such as John Baldessari and Nathalie Djurberg, who would not normally have the money or opportunity to create such works. Rather than simply buying up art to amass a collection of trophy works, which she could easily do, Prada encourages artists to produce new art. As collectors on a much smaller scale, we may not have the money to become patrons at this level, but
I think we have an obligation to support artists beyond simply buying art. We can become part of the creative process by thinking of small creative ways to provide artists with the resources they need to create.m

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sea Creatures

Why? It's summer, it's the sea sounds to me like the perfect inspiration for an outfit! You can see here from where designers got their inspiration for the xxl, soft, windy summer dress.

Can I Have Your Number?

Well...if you can find it! Here is a dressed made entirely out of a phone book's paper!
Fun? Yes
Practical? No
Even so...the artist must have nerves of steel!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mados Infekcija...Smeilinener

Mados Infekcija (Fashion infection) is am innovative event in Lithuania celebrating fashion and art, a platform for young designers that combines shows with a number of special presentations and exhibitions.It is also the place where the new Smeilinener Collection was presented.
Designer Mischa Woeste, of the German brand Smeilinener has a special knack for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Her Autumn/Winter 2008/09 "Mind Games" collection is no exception, with high contrast colors, rolling geometric shapes, and feminine satiny finishes as the focal points. (And any brand with the words "makes you happy" in their tag line instantly gets a plus in my book.)
Inspired by a landscape architectural model designer Mischa Woeste presents with “Mind Games” a new pattern between fashion designs and art. Amount of lines of architectural models combine all the points the same amount at regular intervals by a curve and serve as attitude information. The precise thought process during production and the mental challenge of thinking result in a collection “Mind Games”.Combining strong, clear colors (chocolate, caramel, lilac blue and silver blue) and high-quality textiles- stretch silk, and 100% Trevira wool, Smeilinener creates elaborate, sophisticated, playful and yet highly precise fashion.
The designer Mischa Woeste worked this time again with interior design fabrics of the Danish company “Kvadrat” and chose patterns of Tord Boontje and Fanny Aronsen, duo otherwise known for their special porcelain and lighting design.
For more on this collection (and even older ones) click: HERE.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Take the "F" Pill

It's summer time and you (and me) need to relax. So, lay back, have an Ice Tea (a Long Island one if you prefer) and take your favorite drug: the F pill.
Here are some drugs for you addict soul:

Yes, I am a Trooper...a Storm Trooper

Oh, I am really obsessed with them...aaaaaaa!!!
Love, Love, Love... This is the most fashionable army ever: with a design that features great sleek shapes, perfection in color (the white) and just a plain-cool bad-ass look!
Take me to your Dark Star!!!
Uh...nobody takes me seriously! So, until I'll traveled the Universe with a certain asthmatic, dressed in black leader (no,not Lagerfeld!), I'll enjoy myself with some geeky-storm trooper fashion. Will you join me? Come...join the dark side!

The Fashion Bugs

During school/classes, our teachers tried to make us understand that we have to get inspiration from everything, everyone. I just didn't get it...I never tought that "everything" can go that far.
Here we have some examples about unbelievable inspirations: the bug-inspired fashion. Well, I thing they pulled it off. I salute this designers for their courage and their creativity. Because it's hard to make something different, starting from a clear inspiration. The fact that only some elements from the insects anatomy were taken as a starting point is great!

Can't wait to see a atom or a nuclear inspired dress!
Don't keep me waiting too long!