Sunday, July 6, 2008

Walkin' in the SUN

While waisting my time and life on the Internet, I came across a great little site, that as far as I'm concern, offers the perfect image for this hot summer. The name: Free People Clothing. The look: relaxed.
I decided to stop a while and talk about this sandals. As you already know, the gladiator look is so popular this that we all think we are some kind of Xena, or Wonder Woman (the last one, seriously, it's only if you think highly about yourself, otherwise, stick with the warrior chick).
But the thing I like about this pair, is that they don't look too tough...and (for a change), they are not made of lather. Don't panic, we are still talking about organic shoe fabric: 100% cotton - in the summer, cotton has an advantage on leather, because of it's texture (it lets the skin breath). Plus, if you take into consideration the design, pattern, a walk in the summer sun will be a fashion breez!

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