Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why Kids and Horror Movies Go Well Together...

Vee Speers is a great photographer that manages to capture the true personality of anyone. Case and point: kids. Creepy little kids that whisper I see dead people...

Don't get me wrong, I like the little ones, but I just can't ignore all the movies, the images (remember Joshua Hoffine and Zhang Pen?)...the creepy trends. Now, after this, I too must admit I have an obsession. Even so, as long as no little-long haired-girl doesn't come to my bedside calling my name, it's all fine! Actually it's great! :))

So, I guess that Vee made a point with these pictures. As far as I'm concerned!VEE SPEERS

Weapon of Choice...on a Rainy Day!

Now, this is an accessory that's a MUST for any urban warrior. (did you notice they keep popping up all over the place?)

From the 3, everybody seems to be preferring the samurai look, but I'm more of a yatagan chick (first one from the right). Even so, no matter tickles your style, this umbrella (ella, ella - that song will hunt us forever) is at the same time an item of protection and a true weapon!

Made by the Materious group, the umbrella is FOR THE CIVIL BUT DISCONTENT MAN (as they describe it. Go here for more info on the subject-a few minutes of reading, but it's worthy).From: ThinkGeek, Materious

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fashion IS Fun!

Finally, it's not just me saying it and showing it!
Everyone, meet Deliric (or Jupiter...see this interview for more info), Romanian MC and producer! Some of you might know him better as one of the 3MCs from CTC.But the thing that's most important here is his style. Crazy-fun-street fashion, with a touch of hand-made. It's not too out-of-this-world, it's not that's just enough to be perfectly street-smart!

These photos for the Facem Records site, best show that things are starting to change as far as the Romanian street fashion scene goes! People will stop getting their inspiration from the urban environment, but they will start inspiring the streets with their style!

So, OUT with the gray and IN with the colors! And remember: Fashion Is Supposed to be FUN!

Click to enlarge:

From: FacemRecords & Jupiter

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

For an Urban - Globe-Tracker - Summer

Here we have the spring-summer 2009 Hoss Intropia Collection.

The young British actress Tamsin Egerton has been chosen by the Spanish fashion label to show its collection. The photoshoot took place in Barcelona (Spain), making it look very European-chic, with a little bit of Latin flavor.

It's a clean collection, with pieces that are bought practical and cute. Isn't that the perfect combination for summer?From: HossIntropia

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fashionable GAP!

Well...Gap just got seriously fashionable and chic. And it's all thanks to Alexander Wang, who made an adorable khaki collection (very safari like). LOOKING GOOD!
If this collaboration stretches into the future, no more mean questions in movies like Do you dress at the GAP?. A bright-stylish future awaits the popular American brand!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Metzuyarim Basalon Video

A think that blew my mind a few days ago! This just looks fantastic and I think it was loads of fun to make.

A few friends from Israel (half of which are in the band) created the music video with a few hours at a studio, a projector and a $500 budget (after seeing it, you'll understand why it was sooo cheep).

Friday, July 17, 2009

2 Years of Bread&Butter - Arad

Since 2007, Bread&Butter have been cooking us some delicious parties, using all the right ingredients: soul, funk, a little bit of hip and a little bit of hop, and the list keeps on goin'.So, if you are in Arad (Romania) next weekend (25th of July) come on over to the BBQ to celebrate 2 years of Bread&Butter!

There, among the celebrated, will play records just for your pleasure: IDRI, CHW_ME, FIREDRILL, NANOOK SEBUH, ECLECTIC, NEWGOTTI, LEIZABOY, SELF MADE MUSIC and ELEMENTRIX!

Next Trendy Pet: The Crocodile!

I just love it when a great-popular-well known brand like Lacoste surprises customers with a little fashion fun!

This T-s are the result of a collaboration between Brazilian brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana and Lacoste. It's a super-limited edition, but from what I can see, it's worthy of getting your hands on it!From: Mens Rag

No Words Needed!

Never until now, was silence so loud!
Scarlett is silent.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Little Tease

For the past few weeks I've been working like crazy on a wedding dress, 8 bridesmaid dresses and a few other dresses, specially made for the same wedding.
As soon as I'll get the pro-pictures, I'll post a few. It was a period filled with hard work, but also great satisfactions: my first wedding dress!

In making it, I had a little help from:
Shoes: Coca Zaboloteanu (she did a great job making the shoes work with the dress)
Rhinestone Applicator: Diana Bobar (thanks for borrowing it to me!!!)

Yes, it was a fashion-team work! :)) Thanks girls!

Sweet Karma Loop dresses

A Romanian magazine Pe Tocuri, just lunched a campaign that promotes the dress (and everything that comes with it. That's why when I saw this afternoon shoot from Karma Loop I immediately thought about it!
The campaign motto: Be feminine, wear a dress!From: Karma Loop

Love At First Sight!

Do you believe in it? Well, after seeing this shoot, I am more convinced of it's existence then ever!

This gorgeous photo shoot, was shot by Sophie Delaporte for the editorial called Esprits Couture - of the French business magazine Les Echos-the Limited Edition.

Jean Paul Gaultier was the guest fashion editor and styled Coco Rocha (who, by the way, looks adorable and has a great glamor look) in Jean Paul Gaultier (F/W 2009-2010), Comme des Garcon, Martin Margiela and Hermes.From: Lela Luxe

It's Just too HOT!

Outside and in fashion! :)) Lee Jean’s fashion that is! The photos were shot by photographer Troyt Coburn and what can I say? Great work! Love it!

But still...a day, or even 2 days of cold weather is too much to ask?From: Refinery 29 - BLOG

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some Things Never Change... me being obsessed with red hair and glamorous redheads!
Model: Karen Elson
Photographer: Solve Sundsboand yes, I know you all know the image...but still:)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I just won't say ADIEU!

Because I believe in Christian Lacroix! That's it! He is just too good, too creative, too...Lacroix!!!
Here are some images from the Couture Show (Fall 2009):- 24 outfits (looks)
- mostly dark colors
- over 200 guests
- no more red carnations, but a standing ovationChristian Lacroix:What really churns my stomach is wondering what is going to become of the workrooms and, for the moment, none of the solutions I am looking at would save the couture side of the business.

Here you can read a great interview with the designer (I feel like addressing him by: créateur de mode). Here is a teaser: We did bling before anybody else. It's real name is kitsch. Trueee!

Images: Fashionologie