Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fashion IS Fun!

Finally, it's not just me saying it and showing it!
Everyone, meet Deliric (or Jupiter...see this interview for more info), Romanian MC and producer! Some of you might know him better as one of the 3MCs from CTC.But the thing that's most important here is his style. Crazy-fun-street fashion, with a touch of hand-made. It's not too out-of-this-world, it's not that's just enough to be perfectly street-smart!

These photos for the Facem Records site, best show that things are starting to change as far as the Romanian street fashion scene goes! People will stop getting their inspiration from the urban environment, but they will start inspiring the streets with their style!

So, OUT with the gray and IN with the colors! And remember: Fashion Is Supposed to be FUN!

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From: FacemRecords & Jupiter

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Andreea said...

not bad at all, fun indeed :D