Sunday, March 29, 2009

Comme des Garcons & Speedo

Well, this is a strange combination (as far as I'm concerned). I never expected it, but after seeing the results, I must wave the thumbs up and say: Great Job! The collection (or we should say collaboration) resulted in two types of designs:
Logo Script, which sees a Speedo twist to a CdG classic handprint - the iconic Speedo graphic in repetition, forming a distinctive pattern. Available in black & white and red & white.

Tie Dye, an on-trend effect yet rarely seen in swimwear, executed to dramatic effect. Available in two colours, the first print mixes a palate of radiant yellows, cotton candy and sushi red on a red base to create a vibrant glow; whilst the second is a fusion of smoky black and cinnamon, with streaks of electric blue on a black base.From: Speedo

In Their Secret Life

Us (everyday, normal, boring humans) have always been interested in the secret life of super-heroes. Who are they, after all the ladies had been saved and after the world survives to live another day?Well, we all think it's all glamor. But what if THEY are just like us? Dulce Pinzón shows us just how this normal life of super heroes would look like!From: Dulce Pinzón

Why You Should Keep Buying Souvenirs:

This is the work of photographer Michael Hughes. The idea behind this project is very simple, but the effect and the execution is fantastic.
Plus, it's fun to see those useless souvenirs put to a use! I just love this photo collection! If you want to see them all, visit the photographer's Flickr album!From: WebUrbanist

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Lesson to be Learned 2

for bought boys and girls :)

Fabrica de Handmade

It's gonna take place this Sunday, in Bucharest, at Fabrica.

Go there and take a look, out of so many handmade artist, I'm sure you're gonna find one that pleases your.

more on Fabrica De Handmade

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Long Live the King-A!

Yes, I'm talking about Kinga Varga, a Romanian fashion designer that I absolutely love and admire (not just because we share the same name).
The spring-summer 2009 collection Riviera, it's just like a beach dream. Laying oh so fragile in the sun.
Long love Kinga! From:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm Still in Love With Ndeur!

So, here is their latest work! Ladies and gentleman, here is Ndeur:
This is a proof that true love is forever :))
From: Ndeur

Keep Paintin' It!

A high-waited skirt, great for day work, or night partying! It has a basic cut that fist most types, but most important: it's way more practical then the Paint it Black dresses.
Also, believe me, it would look fantastic in many other colors! Let the Summer fun begin! Keep paintin' it!

Color: gray with yellow (or other color on request)
Size: 38/M (on request, other sizes)
Price: 100 RON +transport

He's OK!

Well, most of you (those whom are not from Romania) might not understand what I'll be talking about. But please bear with me!

I've just found out that Cristi Minculescu (lead singer in the rock band Iris) survived a very difficult liver surgery. I won't get into more details, because it doesn't matter any more. He's fine!

Why is he so important to me? Because I've grown up with he's band music. I grow up with Iris. And even though I'm no longer such a big fan, they still have an important place in my heart.

But enough with the soapy staff. I wish him all the best and to get well soon! So, this being a fashion blog, here are a few old photos of Cristi and Iris. be young and restless....
Img. from: Andrei Paunescu

Monday, March 23, 2009

Japan Gets Ready For Winter!

Shida Tasuya (Fall 2009), at Japan Fashion Week. Well, after seeing this, one can say Japanese people won't feel the cold this winter! As usual, Japan fashion is fun, fun, fun! :)From: Coutorture

Vincent&Vincent: the New Kid in Town

Pfff...this is a guy that likes to party (the one from the photo shoot)...and I'm sure girls don't mind partying with him :))

Vincent&Vincent is an Australian leather goods label. Focusing on high quality materials and traditional hand-made construction, these pieces are made to last.

As well as the care that goes into every piece, Vincent and Vincent inject a cool-factor into their jackets that makes them all the more appealing. Collection One manages to encompass styles that range from vintage-inspired cropped biker jackets, to tailored leather evening jackets, without compromising the brand's essence or signature feel.

So, welcome Vincent&Vincent into the world of fashion!
From: For Tomorrow