Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good-bye ARAD!

It's official, I'm moving from my hometown Arad, to Pitesti (a city that I don't know anything about:)) ). Like all people from Arad, I will miss it, I will love it and I will come back to it! Because it's not just the's more: there are the friends, the streets, the trees, the coffee, the cat, the dog...the parents, the memories.

Uh...feeling a little down, but at the same time excited for the future!

So, dear Arad friends, I've decided to take you all with me! Great idea, right? KF people, Horga family, Harina, Clau, Mihai, Ana-Maria, Redhead (even if she's in Timisoara now), Dani, Andreea, Alex, Lucas, Gabriela new kids that I've just recently met, Moldi, my twin (facebook people know what I'm talkin' about), Rica, Mitzura, Arpagic...and every single person that sad "Hello!" to me in Arad!

:) It's going to be interesting...:))So...get ready! Lots of pictures from Arad:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fun in Arad might had noticed by now that I'm in love with a city. But not the same love affair Carry had with NY, but a different one, a more cozy one! I love home town. I especially love it during summer, when everything is green and the kids come out to play!

Here is a cute video from and by my friend Mao, who knows that you CAN have fun in Arad. I'm so proud to say I know most of the kids in it! ENJOY!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

True ARAD!!!

Meet Ana:She knows Fashion is Supposed to be FUN!, she is from my home-town Arad (I still can't believe it) and she is just too cool for school! Funky-fresh, cooler then cool, cold as ice and all of that!Love her style!

Words just can't describe how fascinated I am about her! So just visit High Street Cardigans Blog, to learn more about her personal style and about her! :)From: High Street Cardigans Blog

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Have a Manly Day! seems that in Romania, today is Men's Day! :)))Sorry, can't help myself from laughing.

Ok, back to serious matters. Here are the MEN (famous ones) that inspire me, that make me laugh, that make me want to read more, that make me want to be skinny and cute and sexy and smart that make me want to be a better person!By the may, here's an old photo of my dad. Happy B-day dad!

Redhead Mania!...JOYYYY!

Emma Stone in Nylon Magazine and on Nylon TV (they say: Redheads are not actually in danger by the state government. But can I as a redhead be 100% sure of that?:)) ) love love the ginger trend!From: Nylon Magazine

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Prom! Prom! Prom!

Let the madness begin! What am I saying?! It already started!!!:)))

Oh...but I'm not complaining. I just love the chaos, the stress, the excitement! All over a dress that will mark the ending and the beginning of a new chapter in a girls life! Here are the first 3 prom dresses of this year, made by me.
You can find them at the NEW ELLE store in Constanta. Also, you can order them via mail!

Feeling the Summer

I've been working like crazy lately (that's why I haven't been able to post more), plus something new and exciting may happen in my life (more info as soon as I'm sure). So, here are 2 dresses that feel like summer.

Good-Bye High School!

There is Romania. During the last few weeks of high school, students wear white tops and black bottoms (this meaning any type of blouse, skirt, pants whatever). The idea is to be monochrome!

So, with the ending on the school year coming, here are a few shirts by Arina Varga (yes yes...again the 3ed person) that are available at the New Elle store in Constanta.If you want one, just mail me!