Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good-bye ARAD!

It's official, I'm moving from my hometown Arad, to Pitesti (a city that I don't know anything about:)) ). Like all people from Arad, I will miss it, I will love it and I will come back to it! Because it's not just the's more: there are the friends, the streets, the trees, the coffee, the cat, the dog...the parents, the memories.

Uh...feeling a little down, but at the same time excited for the future!

So, dear Arad friends, I've decided to take you all with me! Great idea, right? KF people, Horga family, Harina, Clau, Mihai, Ana-Maria, Redhead (even if she's in Timisoara now), Dani, Andreea, Alex, Lucas, Gabriela new kids that I've just recently met, Moldi, my twin (facebook people know what I'm talkin' about), Rica, Mitzura, Arpagic...and every single person that sad "Hello!" to me in Arad!

:) It's going to be interesting...:))So...get ready! Lots of pictures from Arad:

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