Friday, January 22, 2010


Or "how much of a sports-freak are you?". Because a hot trend this year is the urban-elegant-sport one :)) Yeah...that's how I see it!

Even so, here is a shoot from the February issue of Vogue China, that features this exact trend. I'm not much of a sporty person, but I can sure pass as one! Yes, I'll be like a secret agent on a mission: disguise is a must (so why not one in the latest trends, why not a sporty-chic one?)

Ohhh...who can say fashion is not fun?:))
From: Radossu

His Name Was: Dash Snow

And art was his game. At first in graffiti and then Polaroids, collages, installations. I don't really know much about him and because I found this interesting text (from Daaaaang Blog) I'll just do the right thing and paste it!
So, take some time and meet Dash Snow! Here I posted some of his Polaroids, just because I find them so interesting...and why not? They tell the story of his life!
Most people now knew him by his gallery art (via Peres Projects, Vice, etc.), polaroids, collages, installations and by his name Dash Snow. But before being gallery-bound, we knew him as the graffiti writer Sacer of the infamous Irak crew (Earsnot too). He had already earned his reputation in the graffiti world as "the crazy one" showing courage with height conquering pieces atop barely-there ledges on bridges, as well as his eagerness to just get up everywhere he could (His name was everywhere).
For the graffiti scene, he had earned his props, for alot of the art world, he was a promising guy with a drug problem who exhibited his nights of frivolity, sex, drugs and danger via polaroids, that seemed to make for good content for an art world needy of the "bad boy" persona. For us and many others, he was the type of person you hear only exists through stories, myths and in photographs. He was like a ghost.
It seems fitting, along with other unique individuals of the past (Hendrix, Basquiat, Joplin, Morrison, Cobain), that someone with an intense life like Snow would succumb to tragedy at such an early age of 27 (Hendrix, Basquiat, Joplin, Morrison & Cobain along with many others were 27 when they died), but we're never really sure why that has to be. You'll definitley be missed.
From: DAAAAANG, Dash Snow (see the Polaroids)

I Love This Song

Here is something for a slow weekend, for the hero, for the show and all around me! It's good to be back!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

kinema ikon: Intermedia Magazine No. 21

The Intermedia Magazin from kinema ikon just came out! I love the design: posters in a tube + a dummy magazine (to put along side the other issues). Some of the posters I don't really like (but it's just me) and some I adore.
You will find in this issue artists like: Bogdanator, Colorblind, kf Arad, no comics, dslx, n.e.u.r.o. and many more!

The image above is a postcard made by Iliana Salajan. So...enjoy:
From:kinema ikon

Lessons From a Tailor

This movie means a great deal to me! So please, take a few minutes out of your busy day and watch it!
Remember: always have a perfect fit and "you have to take chances i life!

Meet Livia Coloji!

A Romanian illustrator, with extra-soft works (as far as I go). The innocence of it all, the childish lines are all just magical for me. She tells a story with every color and I love her for doing so!
Be sure to visit Livia Coloji's site for more works!From: LiviaColoji


Photography: Karl Lagerfeld
Styling: Jacob K
Makeup: Peter Philips for Chanel
Hair: Kamo for mod’s hair
Models: Miss Dirty Martini
and Jane Schmitt as Coco
the Shoot: COCO A GO-GO

Yes...crazy stuff on RUE CAMBON no.31!!! Looks like Karl took a shot of a Dirty Martini!...and who can hold it against him?! Look at all the fun they are having!!!From: V Magazine


All thanks to the Redhead!
Kisses, love and a cup of coffee to you all! :))

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The New Year

Didn't start so great for me. Many, many downs...but it's ok, now I'm looking forward for the ups! That's the way things go, right?

Now, I'm taking some time for myself, so sorry about not posting so much. But I'm sure you'll understand me when saying: I really need it! Even so, no worries! I'll be back (just like Arnold) with lots of goodies (from me as a designer, as well as from me as a fashion blogger).

Lately, I've been listening to my all time love: Red Hot Chili Peppers (as someone said, they are the ones that I turn to when I'm in a difficult situation). Here it is, Dani California. I'll get back as soon as possible! Kisses and Love!
Red Hot Chili Peppers