Saturday, October 31, 2009

What's New Pussycat?

uuuuuuuu-oooo-ooo-ooo!:)) Have a fun weekend!!!

Irina, Oh Irina!

Pufff! This girl is amazing! I just love her "I don't give a F***" look! Irina Lazareanu is a true professional and she makes me proud to be Romanian!

This is an editorial from Elle Russia (a magazine that lately brings us fantastic looks, images...inspiration!).From: VogueIcon

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today, My Grandma's Backyard celebrates 2 years of existence! So, let's wish Gabriela many more to come and a fashionable Happy Birthday!
KISSES!!!! and all my love!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello Kitty! Again and Again...

I saw the news on a friends page on Facebook and I just had to share!!! Especially because it's a Hello Kitty and Stussy news!

It's all good and fun, but because we're talking about Stussy I expected more. The messages are funny, the graphic is cute...all in all the collection looks fun, but a little bit too childish and not enough street! Even so...I want the Hello Kitty! Hello Stussy one!
The collection that is due to drop on Nov 7 consisting of a range of graphic tees fusing Hello Kitty with Stussy’s iconic swirly font, hoodies and other accessories is an interesting one for the female crowd. Check out the collection that is bound to bring some new female fans over to the Stussy side.
From: FreshnessMag

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Because It's Fall...

This photoshoot is just so soft and cozy...if only all fall afternoons were like this! Right? This is just an utopia idea!
Even so, the Margaret Howell look is a good-clean one. Things that aren't so appreciated these days, even if they should be!
Photos : SHINOHARA Hiroaki
Styling : ITOH Seiko
Hair dressing & Make-up : TANAKA Rika
Model : Tristan
Flower Arrangement : FUGA

From: Openers

Meet Gehard Demetz...and His Wood Children

Gehard Demetz is an amazing Italian artist, who proved that woodcarvings is not a dieing art, but something very new and urban! His works speak, some even shout a fantastic, unbelievable story! Amazing!
They were children of 6-7 years of age.. Rudolf Steiner says that until an age of 6-7 years, that children can feel/hear in their unconscious the experiences of their ancestors. I have always been fascinated by this sort of thing, especially when thinking of my own childhood. The children in my sculptures realize this gift knowing that, when they become adults, they lose the ability to contact this unconscious, but to gain the advantages of being an adult. Children live with faults that are not threatening to their other sculptures and with under their sole control transform into/become adults (sculpture- “I want to be Flexible”). Hilter and Mao are a group of sculptures where I tried to see if the children, frail shouldered and weak in the legs, were to be future dictators, thinking that something was wrong in their growth/birth.
From: Beautiful/Decay

ADIDAS Likes Mimes!

And I like bought! That's way this new line from the famous sports brand is truly kick-ass! The collection comes from the collaboration between Adidas (of course) and PPQ (Pretty Personal Question).

Now, when I heard of this collaboration, I expected a very very colorful result! The fact that they went for something different is great, because everybody loves a great surprise!

I love the fact that they used the vintage lines of Adidas and brought them into the present with a glam-rock twist! PPQ did a great job (as far as I'm concerned).From: NYLON Magazine

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Idea!

...or maybe a girl pajama party. Oh, Sailor Moon!:)

Lookin' a Little Stiff!

...but in this case, it's something good! I said it once and I'll say it again: architecture and fashion go great together!
To prove it again, I'm bringing you a mini-collection of true design, from Una Burke-who showed that hard materials can be soft and rigid ones can be flexible. It's all in the hands of the creator!
This collection of emotionally charged fashion artefacts is based on the universal subject of human trauma. By Una Burke
From: Ma Frangine

Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekend Party!...Party Weekend!

Well, it's the weekend and parties are a must...but since I'm a crybaby these days...I guess this is appropriate! I'll have a good time, but I'm not going to like it!:))

The McCartney Mini Fashion

So, it looks like this season is the great-collaborations season! Another one is the one between Stella McCartney and Gap! (for more info visit WWD).

Now...I'm not a big fan of children's wear (manly because I don't care that much about it), but I must say: I like what I see. Good, clean and cute (maybe even comfortable). And I guess that's the perfect recipe for kiddy fashion divas!:)) There is a cute tutu, a rockin' jacket and a sweet printed over-sized sweater.
...hmmm. I want them too!!!From: WWD

Levi’s® Will Also OBEY!

Levi’s® and OBEY just showed off their amazing collaboration! The results are great and they just show that the underground is the new main stream!
To further commemorate the launch of this collection – Fairey is going to be creating a very special public, live art installation on the outside facade of the Levi’s® flagship store in Times Square. This work will be unveiled Thursday, Oct. 29th with the release of the collection.(Bookmark the date)

So, this is it: The Capsule Collection!From: Highsnobiety

I'm Just Tired....

...but not in a physical way!...or maybe autumn is not doing it for me this year:)

Chevignon - A/W 09

Girls, the men are back! Looking sharp, relaxed and oh so fashionable. I love the Chevignon-look for this winter (mostly because it's very practical). Enjoy!From: MensRag

A Minimal Mini Dress

Well...I found out about this project thanks to a friend (a boy...of course). What can I say? I love it...even tough there is not much to love about it. Maybe that's why I find it so interesting and so simple at the same time!Prodject description:
A minimal dress is a piece of clothing-a dress-, made with as little material as possible, but still remaining a dress.

May I ask how many costumes she wears out each year?
My dear sir, the clothing of a lady does not wear out through her wearing of it, but through her being seen in it. – Richard Steele
Our clothes are more quickly discarded as a result of changing fashion than because of wear and tear. The consumption of material by the clothing industry is gigantic as a result.
Digna Kosse designed fifteen dresses that are far from voracious consumers of material. She demonstrates that you can minimize these pieces of clothing to a few threads at the most. Minimal Dresses are wispier than wispy, yet they remain feminine dresses with which to make a fashion statement.
From: Dezeen

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Get Your Fashion Fix!

Meet Olivier Trillon, an incredible French art director/photographer, who used to be a violinist.(oh, this fashion world is amazing!)Most of his works are shots of handbags, perfumes and shoes -of course all high brands!

Now, I'm not a big fun of still-life photography...but this images just leave me speechless! Never something so lifeless looks so alive!!!From: Pichaus