Sunday, October 25, 2009

Meet Gehard Demetz...and His Wood Children

Gehard Demetz is an amazing Italian artist, who proved that woodcarvings is not a dieing art, but something very new and urban! His works speak, some even shout a fantastic, unbelievable story! Amazing!
They were children of 6-7 years of age.. Rudolf Steiner says that until an age of 6-7 years, that children can feel/hear in their unconscious the experiences of their ancestors. I have always been fascinated by this sort of thing, especially when thinking of my own childhood. The children in my sculptures realize this gift knowing that, when they become adults, they lose the ability to contact this unconscious, but to gain the advantages of being an adult. Children live with faults that are not threatening to their other sculptures and with under their sole control transform into/become adults (sculpture- “I want to be Flexible”). Hilter and Mao are a group of sculptures where I tried to see if the children, frail shouldered and weak in the legs, were to be future dictators, thinking that something was wrong in their growth/birth.
From: Beautiful/Decay

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