Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello Kitty! Again and Again...

I saw the news on a friends page on Facebook and I just had to share!!! Especially because it's a Hello Kitty and Stussy news!

It's all good and fun, but because we're talking about Stussy I expected more. The messages are funny, the graphic is cute...all in all the collection looks fun, but a little bit too childish and not enough street! Even so...I want the Hello Kitty! Hello Stussy one!
The collection that is due to drop on Nov 7 consisting of a range of graphic tees fusing Hello Kitty with Stussy’s iconic swirly font, hoodies and other accessories is an interesting one for the female crowd. Check out the collection that is bound to bring some new female fans over to the Stussy side.
From: FreshnessMag

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