Thursday, October 15, 2009

Static Action!

Ndeur just won't disappoint me! Thank you!

This photoshoot is simply amazing! I really don't know if you all agree with me, but this is the stuff that I like, that I go crazy for! Simple, but at the same time complicated. Clean, but at the same time crowded! This are the pictures that you can look at time after time and still find something interesting and new!

Bravo! I love it!

Photo : Khuong Nguyen
DA : Le Creative Sweatshop
Style : Manon Gorgé
Model : Julien Guérard-Blaize , Annlyse Lethinois ,Christopher Doré
Gold medal : Davina Muller , Mehdi Mazouzi , La sourie sur le Gateau
From: Behance

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