Saturday, December 31, 2011


Dear readers,

I love you!
I really do! :) That's why I promise that next year (in just a few hours) I'll be a better blogger. But until then, I just want to wish you a great year! May 2012 be full of love, fantastic friends and accomplishments!

I wish you all the already classic: health, wealth and happiness!

In the end...I wish for a greater beginning. The almost-over 2011 is a fantastic ride, that's why I know 2012 will be an even greater roller-coaster! Just start imagining all the super-duper things that will happen...then blow the confetti in your hand, kiss a loved one and your wishes will come true!

My "to do list" for the nest year? Yep, I will post one tomorrow! You don't believe? Just wait and see. I'll make a believer out of you! :))

With love,
Have a HAPPY New Year!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011


Starting yesterday, I finally managed to make my record player work. This after a few months of trying without succeeding! Believe me, I was almost at the point of giving up and buying a new one...

I really wanted to make the old one work, because it has sentimental value.'s worth something just to me, otherwise it's just a piece of junk...that looks really bad! Even so, I love it like crazy!
So, since yesterday we've been listening (at Atelier Arina Varga) to Earth,Wind and Fire, Aura Urziceanu, Rosu si Negru (a Romanian band), poetry by Mihai Eminescu and even a few stories...

Now, to make it all perfect, it must starting snowing. Please!!! Pretty please!!!Images: theFword

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Musical Nostalgia

I guess we all have sounds that remind us of a certain period in our life. A certain move, a certain, why not feel the same about different images, fractions of videos!

Evidence was able to take me back to high-school! AHHH! Perfect song for the end of the year!What is your nostalgia song? :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cigar? Cigarettes?

How about a cool-funny New Year's dress? And also a dress that can be classy at the same time, all with a retro feeling! :))

I think I wanted to make a tuxedo-dress ever since I became a designer. Don't really know why...guess I just find it funny enough to consider it to be my style! So, this is it! I made one for myself, I got to wear it at the Absolutely Fabulous Fashion and Vintage Fair, in Bucharest!

ps. Hope you had a great Christmas!!!Images: Arina Varga

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Giveaway - Arina Varga

Because it's Christmas and because it's time to share, Atelier Arina Varga decided to giveaway a dress and 3 Christmas clutches!

The dress is a soft, white one, with Swarovski Crystals and asymmetric details. Size M. You can wear it with a belt or louse. You can wear it like a dress, or maybe even with leather pants (for a more rock-like look). It will be your choice, because it could be YOUR dress!

The clutch can go as a unique accessory for a Christmas party. Fun and also useful, it's just Atelier Arina Varga's way of saying thank you for a great year!

Just join the facebook page: Atelier Arina Varga! You can do that until Thursday, December 22nd 2011, at 10 PM! (yes...sorry, only a few days...but that is because Atelier Arina Varga want's you to get your gifts until Christmas)

Good Luck!

*this is just the first giveaway! Many more will come next year!From: Atelier Arina Varga

Friday, December 16, 2011

White Dreams

of an Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair
-Winter Edition
In case you missed the last post (a little impossible, I know...for it is just under this one), here is again, all the information needed to get to the Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair:

When: Sunday, 18 December 2011
Time: 11:00-19:00
Where: Villa Rodizio, Str. I.L. Caragiale, no.32, Bucharest

This will be the White Edition (the irony: I'm writing this in black letters)! Anyways. This (and a few other factors) got me inspired to do a few white pieces, with details of lace and Swarovski Crystals (all put one by one, by hand, on the dresses).

With only one colored used, it was fun to play with asymmetries, with geometrical cuts, with transparency! Finally, I had (actually, I made) the time to play a little with the fabrics. After months of orders...this comes as a blessing! :)

I hope to see you at the FAIR! For a chat, maybe a coffee, some shopping and a lot of Christmas wishes! Kisses!Images: Arina Varga

New Designs for Ab. Fab.

When: Sunday, 18 December 2011
Time: 11:00-19:00
Where: Villa Rodizio, Str. I.L. Caragiale, no.32, Bucharest

Just in time for Christmas->white edition!

For this event and for the u-coming holidays, we at Atelier Arina Varga decided to go for a more retro feeling. You can see it in the cuts, but also in the fabric used.
All this dresses will the available at the ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS Fashion&Vintage Fair - WINTER EDITION!

Hope to see you there!Images: Arina Varga

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where Is The Beauty?

* 1950s fashion ad

I just saw this ad in one of my fashion books.
So, really now! Where is the beauty?
The old-school beauty?
The kind of beauty that makes you turn your head on the street, no matter if male or female!

...I'm missing (and I'm sure so are you) the classic beauty!
image: theFword

Friday, December 9, 2011


When: Sunday, 18 December 2011
Time: 11:00-19:00
Where: Villa Rodizio, Str. I.L. Caragiale, no.32, Bucharest

This is the event! A Just in time for Christmas->white edition!
I hope to see you there!!! We will bring mostly new goodies, specially for Christmas Parties and New Years Parties! Believe me: very, very cute, adorable, cool (one for each-one of you). But, pictures later this week (as usual...)

Until then check-out the facebook event page, for more details about the fair!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

One Day....


Nothing fancy, but 100% Eco-friendly bags...with really fancy texts printed on them. Now, I don't know about you, but I really enjoy these type of bags (I think I have about 5 of them, with different messages). And now, now I want one from MAUDE & TILDA!!! Plsss!!! Christmas time and

No comment? Ok...I guess I'll just get one by myself! :) Even so, I hope you will consider changing your plastic bags with Eco-friendly ones. And while doing so, why not go for something "fashion-related"? :))

This is the one that I love! ;)) How perfect is it?
I couldn't had said it better myself. Because we all hope one day to to such a reckless thing! It's a bag, it's so expensive...but we all want one! And to get it by ourselves ... well, that would be fantastic!

One day...


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December 1st!

Happy Happy December 1st!!!

In Romania, that's the National Day! Free day, Friends Day, Eating Day, Sleeping Day, Watching Movies Day, Laughing Day, Smiling Day...Our Day! Romania's Day!

We decided to use the national flag for a dress (no cuts or anything, just draped on the mannequin). Just as a way to celebrate, at the atelier, this day...even if we are not there right time!!! :)

Enjoy this day! Kisses!Images: theFword

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Drinks and Talk

Starting today, we have a new talking/discussing/drinking tea/wine/coffee corner at Atelier Arina Varga!!! A place to dream new designs, to come up with new ideas...

The table and chairs are a gift from my from my 85 year old grandmother. They are from the early 1900, made in Austria...and I just love them. Also, I got the lamp from the most amazing antique store in Arad, that has become one of my favorite places to shop at (more stuff from them, soon)!

So, here is the place were we'll talk from now on! Be sure to visit Atelier Arina Varga for a cup/glass of daily fashion! ;)

Bisous!Images: Atelier Arina Varga

Let's Eat!

Dinner for 2!
Lunch for 2!
2 for 2!
When a "2" is involved, it's always sexual! Not only in preparing the food with your own body, but in eating the food also. A "2" is a "2", no matter what!

A Great Sale!!!

The We Love Couture has organized a great sale for you!

With the occasion of Romania's National Day (December 1st), all items in the colors RED, YELLOW and BLUE will have a -22% sale! Better start shopping while it lasts (29/11-4/12).

I have 2 designs taking part at this sale. A dress (was:324lei, now:253lei) and a shirt (was:161lei, now:126lei). That's a pretty good deal if you ask me...:)Images: We Love Couture

My Donation

For the RFB event I am donating this dress (size M).

It's part of the aw 2011/2012 collection - All Along the Watchtower - and I think it's just perfect for office parties, Christmas...well, for all the Merry season approaching!

As a plus, the full-length zipper in the back is sure to be a hit! A little sassy, but that's ok sometimes, right? :))Now all you have to do, is visit the event: Creezi sau Donezi (Create or Donate)!!! Enjoy!

Creezi sau Donezi?

Create or Donate?

This is a project by RFB (Romanian Fashion Bloggers)
It is a creative party that will focus on charity (all the money will be donated).
So, you can come there to create, to donate, or to buy something fantastic for yourself (designers, me included, are donating different creations for this event).
RFB, Romexpo si Club 4×4 Romania te invita in perioada 1 – 4 decembrie 2011 la “Creezi sau Donezi? Iarna 2011”, o petrecere creativa organizata in scop caritabil in cadrul targului CBS – Targ de Cadouri de Craciun, Decoratiuni si Suveniruri.

Fondurile obtinute in urma acestui eveniment caritabil vor fi folosite pentru a ajuta 50 de copii, prescolari de la gradinita din Grosani – Slanic Prahova in cadrul campaniei umanitare organizate de Club 4×4 Romania. Mai multe detalii despre campania umanitara pe club4×

Esti invitat sa creezi si sa donezi, in scop caritabil si intr-un mod inedit, intr-una din zonele spatiului in care se va desfasura cea de-a IV-a editie “Creezi sau Donezi?”.

Zona de creatie – Zona din care alegi din accesoriile si ustensilele disponibile, ce doresti si ce te inspira si iti creezi singur un glob pentru pomul de Craciun al socrilor, o felicitare pentru bunica, o brosa pentru prietena cea mai buna sau un inel de logodna pentru iubita. Lasi in schimb in cosul de donatii o bancnota pentru copii prescolari de la gradinita din Grosani. Cu bancnota de la tine vom cumpara copiilor creioane colorate si acuarele, sa poata si ei oferi bunicilor o felicitare, fratilor mai mici bomboane colorate … de Craciun.

Zona de donatie – Piesele expuse vor fi donate de membrii RFB, bloggeri, prieteni, artisti si designeri. Iti alegi o piesa vestimentara sau un accesoriu pe plac sau pentru familie, rude si prieteni. Lasi in schimb in cosul de donatii o bancnota pentru copii prescolari de la gradinita din Grosani. Cu bancnota de la tine le vom cumpara un fular, o caciulita de lana sau manusi … sa le fie cald de Craciun.

Accesoriile si ustensilele necesare pentru eveniment sunt donate de membrii RFB si membrii Clubului 4×4 Romania. Designeri romani consacrati si membrii RFB precum Agata Secelean, Diana Bobar, Josephine sau Ludmila Corlateanu vor dona piese din colectiile lor, piese ce vor expuse in zona de donatie.

“Creezi sau Donezi?” se afla la a IV-a editie. Este incercarea noastra, a membrilor RFB, de a oferi un cadou de Craciun celor dragi si copiilor. Ne aflam la a doua colaborare cu Clubul 4×4 Romania, club care organizeaza in fiecare an, de Craciun, o actiune umanitara pentru copii. Ne folosim de creativitate, moda si 4×4 pentru a aduce zambetul pe chipul ingeresc al unui copil. Sunt absolut sigura ca vom fi surprinsi de creativitatea si de darnicia bucurestenilor. Oricine poate dona de Craciun. Roxana Radu – fondator RFB.

“In fiecare an organizam cate doua actiuni cu caracter umanitar si ajutam acolo unde este nevoie. De cele mai multe ori, banii stransi se duc in locuri extrem de izolate, descoperite in expeditiile Clubului 4×4 Romania, unde nu este curent electric si cu acces imposibil pentru alte masini inafara de cele de teren”, Ligia Popescu – Club 4×4 Romania.

Te asteptam in perioada 1- 4 decembrie 2011 in Centrul Expozitional Romexpo, in pavilionul C2, intre orele 10 si 18, fie sa iti pui in valoare talentul creativ in scop caritabil, fie sa ajuti o cauza nobila, achizitionand accesorii de Craciun.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Prohibition Party

-opening of Atelier Arina Varga
I finally managed to give an opening party for the atelier! And it all went pretty good...I hope/guess. Friends!!! Was it fun for you? Because I for one, had a blast! :)))

The theme (we MUST always have a theme) was PROHIBITION...the '20s! With this post I just wanted to thank all my friends, that were here with me and for me, while making the Atelier happen! Not all of them were able to make it to the party (and I am very sorry for that, but happy...because this way I have a good reason to give another party). I love you all!!! And not all of them are in the pictures posted here. sorry, but there are enough images to make you feel the mood...

Now, in the picture below, you can see my Redhead. You can't see the color, but believe me, it's her! I put this picture so high-up, because I was her mother to see how pretty she looked (I hope all my friends moms read my blog, so that they can see how pretty their kids looked at my party).

ahhh...It was a great white night! :)Images: theFword