Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Prohibition Party

-opening of Atelier Arina Varga
I finally managed to give an opening party for the atelier! And it all went pretty good...I hope/guess. Friends!!! Was it fun for you? Because I for one, had a blast! :)))

The theme (we MUST always have a theme) was PROHIBITION...the '20s! With this post I just wanted to thank all my friends, that were here with me and for me, while making the Atelier happen! Not all of them were able to make it to the party (and I am very sorry for that, but happy...because this way I have a good reason to give another party). I love you all!!! And not all of them are in the pictures posted here. sorry, but there are enough images to make you feel the mood...

Now, in the picture below, you can see my Redhead. You can't see the color, but believe me, it's her! I put this picture so high-up, because I was her mother to see how pretty she looked (I hope all my friends moms read my blog, so that they can see how pretty their kids looked at my party).

ahhh...It was a great white night! :)Images: theFword

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