Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It Is a Man's World

For a while now I've been telling everybody I want to start making man clothing! And for a while, I just didn't do anything in that direction. But things and times change and here we are, with out first man dedicated product!

It's a classic trench. Simple, but at the same time perfect (because it will just fit like a glove in your wardrobe)! It is also practical, with the pockets and everything.
Now, you can have it transformed for cold weather (adding layers on the inside) but this model is the simple version. Also, you can change the pattern on the inside, according to your own style and taste (natural silk)!

Hope you will enjoy and love it!

Fabric: cotton with texture and natural silk on the inside (it can be changed)
Color: beige (it can be changed)
Size: only orders (S/M/L/XL)
Price: 500 RON

*For orders: e-mail or facebook (Atelier Arina Varga)From: Arina Varga

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