Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Festivalul Tinerilor Designeri din Vestul Tarii

Translation: The Young Designers from the West Region of the Country Festival...or something like that.

It was a festival, dedicated to young designers from the west part of Romania and it took place in Arad. I had a lot of fun and I hope that the feeling is mutual to the models and visitors. Also, I'm so happy I got to meet some great and interesting people, right here, in my sweet home town! It turns out I don't know everybody!...and as far as I'm concern, that's just great!!!

Here, you can see the All Along the Watchtower collection (only a small part of it). But, people can come and see the rest of the collection at the showroom, in Arad (just give a mail/call before doing so).

HERE you can listen to the song that played during the fashion show. We didn't go with Jimi as far as the music was concerned. We just considered that Ram Jam was a batter choice for the catwalk.

Now, that's enough! Back to work...Oh, see an interview with me and 2 other designers, after the event. Talking about fashion. Now there's a subject that just keeps me talking and talking and talking...just get me started. You'll see! ;)

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