Thursday, April 30, 2009

Labor Day

Well, on this special day, let's give a big THANK YOU to all of the hard workers in the fashion industry! Without the, non would be possible! I won't name any job, or any name, just this: from the factory workers to the fashion editors!
It's a big industry.
It has it's ups.
It has it's downs.
But I love it!

To celebrate the workers, but at the same time fashion, here is a photoshoot of a collection inspired by construction workers. Japanese fashion company, Shigoto Fashion, is shaking things up with their debut line!

The debut collection includes tobi pants, the traditional pants inspired by the ancient samurai warriors of Japan and worn by modern day construction workers, tabi shoes, the sturdy sandals worn throughout history and tekos, decorative wristbands that provide comfort for the workers who use their hands constantly.What inspired them? We wanted to bring cool Japan to the world. We wanted to bring the Japan we have been so privileged to be a part of to those who may not have gotten to experience it. With the tradition, the design; Japan is a world of its own

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, also because it's a beautiful combination between the new and the old, the street art and the classic. Once again, it has been proved that fashion is circular! What was in style some time ago, it will be hip again in the future!
Oh, here is the effect!
From: Runway2reality and Shigoto Fashion

Yes, I Do!

A ring for every girl (or, by looking at the, for every geek!). But I like them and I hope you do too!
Ring Watch:
Drum Machine Rings:
Cushion Ring:
Perfume Ring:
Sterling Silver Ring Doubles As Microphone:
Pepper Spray Ring:
(this one is actually pretty useful)From: Crooked Brains

You R Art

It's your turn to be appreciated (the campaign motto).
Donate to MARGS museum (the action).From: Scary Ideas

Wicked-Weasel...That's All I Can Say!

OK, I'm going to risk a little porno-post right now. For those of you who don't know the Wicked-Weasel brand, they specialize in making micro-bikinis. Yes, MICRO!

As in small, tinny, almost invisible, almost not there!!! I don't really like them, but somehow they fascinate me. Why would people pay good money for something that couldn't even cover a fist!

But, summer is here. The sun is up...and no area on your body shouldn't get a tan!But, I like the name: Wicked Weasel! So, for more smallness, take a look at the site!

From: Wicked-Weasel

A Love Affair With the Pink Panther!

Yep, that's what's going on between ICB girls and the ever so popular feline! Oh, this according to their add!
Even so, the love seems to be in the air. And who can resist a cute pink tom-cat?! So, when falling in love with fictional cartoon characters, pleas wear ICB. Oh, let me rephrase that: when falling in love with fictional cartoon characters you are most surely wearing ICB, because ICB "Girls Love the Pink Panther"...All this Pink Panther love got me thinking: I also must be a ICB girl!!!

From: Kanye West Blog

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Little Color...

...from a true color professional! That pro being Louise Markey (designer for LF Markey).

The color combinations are fantastic, electric, but at the same time chill and soft (just like in a painting). That's exactly why the Tudor influence is more then obvious (in the style of the clothes, in the colors used and in the photo shoot approach).
All in one, the result is fantastic!
From: Kingdom Of Style

A Redhead on the Milky Way

A photo shoot from 2005, but still, so actual! Starting from the red hair (yes, yes ... I like!!!) and finishing with the ever so popular doll look.
And as far as Lily Cole (British model and actress) goes, well she is gorgeous and freaky at the same time! Her beauty is not ordinary, but is a kind of beauty that keeps obsessing you long after you shut-down your computer!
Uff...I just adore the freshness of it all! What can I say? It's a redhead melting on the Milky Way!From: Haut Fashion

Trends Autumn/Winter 2009

Just as us designers like, I will present you the autumn/winter 2009 trends now, when summer is knocking on our door! :)) Let's just take a glance on what to expect, just to know what to buy this summer and still wear dooring the cold season. No matter what, we must be trendy and fresh! :)

Just Too Cool to Resist!

You know me, I go cu-cu for cartoony fashion. So you can just imagine how happy I was to come across this funny photo-trend-analysis by the one and only Jill Sherman (Trend de la Creme).
Pfff...what else can I say? Enjoy a good laugh!So, do you agree that for this Autumn season designers got their inspiration from Peanuts? :))

From: Trend de la Creme

Monday, April 27, 2009

Surfin' on Painted Waves 2

A dress that I made for one of my favorite clients! The best thing about her is that she leaves me free hand in modifying the design in order to best fit her! It's great when such a great connection exists!
So, here it is, I'm shearing!
Before print:After print:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Young Generation

I came across this video on Octavian Coifan's blog (one of my favorite fashion blogs, that I recommend to all of you, but unfortunately is just in Romanian). Anyways, I just love it and it gives a great perspective on future fashion.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

In the Heat of the Summer

So, I just finished a few dresses and I thought I should share them with you. Made from light, dreamy fabrics, the dresses are great for a heated summer in the city!

1. Summer Heat:Color: patterned fabric (on choice, maybe a different one)
Size: M (on request, other sizes)
Price: 250 RON

2. Late Summer Evening: A vary simple, but comfortable dress, great for those lazy summer afternoons. The contrast between the color of the dress (coral) and the blue from underneath it, gives an electric effect.
Color: coral with blue
Size: M (on request, other sizes)
Price: 250 RON

3. C-trough Surprise: Don't panic! You won't get the dress without anything on the inside. That part, will be a simple dress, in the color of your choice ( I recommend blue), but I decided to leave it like this in the photo, because I think it will go great on the beach, with just a swimming suite under. Also, I can duplicate the fabric (like in dress no.2), but that will cost extra.
Color: coral
Size: M (on request, other sizes)
Price: 250 RON (if duplicated, 300 RON)

More to come!
Images: Arina Varga

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Little Helper 2

Yes, Mitzura is still helping me in choosing fabrics and patterns for printing. As you can see, she is also wearing something from my spring-summer 2009 collection (photos coming soon...I hope :)) ).
Till then, you'll just have to spend some time with my cat :))

Image: Arina Varga

Monday, April 13, 2009

Yes, Yes, West Side!!!

I come from Arad, in the west part of Romania. The fact that at this past edition of My Grandma's Backyard came so many of my personal friends from Timisoara (also in the west), as a great opportunity to take a family photo.

From left to right: Rodica Golban, Oana Peperigeanu (bought of them from Atelier M12), Adelina (Special Stuff for Special People), Arina Varga (Fashion Is Supposed to he Fun), Diana Bobar (So Fashon) and Florina (Josephine).

Here we are again:Images: Arina Varga

MGB 8th Edition!!! Fun! Fun! Fun!

So, I just got home and had to share with you pictures from the 8th edition of My Grandma's Backyard. Just because it was so much fun and there were so many interesting, fun, sunny people.

Let me start with something sweet, eatable ( Cupcakes - that I thought were candles at first). A little deliciously present from Diana Enciu (why, by the way, is very very nice and adorable).
I hope to see as soon as possible more of her Cup Cake work! Go Diana, Go!Plus, fun accessories from Acarete
Also, present there was Dinu Bodiciu (book manufacturer), that I found out is actually from Timisoara and went at the same University that I did (yes yes, West side!!!). His work is great. Thanks to him for helping me with my stand.
I saw Adelina (that makes special stuff for special people) together with a big fan, Luca. Bought of them were looking very cute!
Two artist that I know were also there (Oana Peperigeanu and Rodica Golben), in other words Atelier M12. The girls came at this event for the first time and I wish them all the luck. Also from Timisoara, so again: yes, yes, West Side!!!
Plus many others, including Dana Coteanu, Diana Bobar, Florina form Josephine, Coca Zaboloteanu, plus, your truly, Arina Varga!
In the end, a big THANK YOU to Gabriela-Maria Vlad, for making My Grandma's Backyard possible!

Images: Arina Varga