Thursday, April 16, 2009

In the Heat of the Summer

So, I just finished a few dresses and I thought I should share them with you. Made from light, dreamy fabrics, the dresses are great for a heated summer in the city!

1. Summer Heat:Color: patterned fabric (on choice, maybe a different one)
Size: M (on request, other sizes)
Price: 250 RON

2. Late Summer Evening: A vary simple, but comfortable dress, great for those lazy summer afternoons. The contrast between the color of the dress (coral) and the blue from underneath it, gives an electric effect.
Color: coral with blue
Size: M (on request, other sizes)
Price: 250 RON

3. C-trough Surprise: Don't panic! You won't get the dress without anything on the inside. That part, will be a simple dress, in the color of your choice ( I recommend blue), but I decided to leave it like this in the photo, because I think it will go great on the beach, with just a swimming suite under. Also, I can duplicate the fabric (like in dress no.2), but that will cost extra.
Color: coral
Size: M (on request, other sizes)
Price: 250 RON (if duplicated, 300 RON)

More to come!
Images: Arina Varga

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Paste fericit!