Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baroque Eyes

By now you must know I'm not the shabby-chic type. I don't hate it, I just don't see it suiting me. But I know most of you like it a lot. That's why this collection of spectacles will be just the thing for you! (plus, I must confess...I like them a lot!)

The collection is called Baroque Eyes and was designed by jewelery designer Moo Piyasombatkul (from Thailand). The idea behind the design: Polishing away vintage dust over antique furniture and transforming with a dramatic contemporary twist. All with a huge love for crafting porcelain and using Baroque elements! From: Trend de la Creme

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Campers, Mitura and Sun

A few days ago, he said: Look! I got new Campers!
Loved them,
but didn't had the heart to tell him I also got a new pair...
Today, me and Mitura (yes, yes, that's the cat) and my new Campers decided to spend a few hours outside in the sun. It was nice and warm.
That's why I ended-up working outside (drawing).Images: theFword

Dream On

Reality is overrated!
Life is when I dream. When I close my eyes and imagine an infinite world of possibilities! An old building, a sea of colorful balloons...a Teddy-bear to hug when I find myself missing something.
Reality is overrated! Dream on!
designer: Arina Varga
photographer: Bogdan Hudac
model: Cristina Suteu
editing: ColorblindImages: Arina Varga

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fashion History in an Image 5

Surely you know who these two lookalikes are! But, just for fun, let's name the infamous duo: Mick and Bianca Jagger (my all time favorite couple, even fashion-couple).

I know their marriage didn't last, but for one unknown reason, images of them make me believe in true-crazy-passionate love. Because I'm sure that between them it was just that! only got consumed too fast, too soon!

How about you? Do you have a favorite couple?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Once Again...

...the weekend-image!Feeling a little tired? Was it a long, confusing week? I'm feeling you! But that doesn't matter anymore! It's time to take those 15cm heals for a dance, for a night out to remember! ;)
Have a lovely weekend all you Fword users! :*

ps. Happy B-day to my sweet as a button Andreea Ionescu aka. Dulcica! I hope all your dreams will true :***
(wish you were here, or that I was there, so we could really celebrate your b-day! But no worries, we'll postpone it!)

On the Down-Dark-Side

On the Down-Dark-Side, the only thing you get to see is the trace your feelings leave behind!

As usual, whenever I think things get great, something will go wrong. Really now, I don't understand why I'm not expecting for all the bad things to happen?!...they always take me by surprise... Seriously, I know why. It's because I just don't believe in evil. In bad people. Not even in horrible circumstances.

And while I'm dreaming with my eyes open (of an opened desert by night, writing on the sky above it, with fiery sticks) life goes on. Life gets you down. Life will rub all your happy feeling in your face! Yes...yes... BLEAH!

Even so, I'm not one to usually show people my dark moments (I think everybody has problems and they don't really need my stuff on their mind). But sometimes, they get to see me down. It's because sometimes, I need people to see that I'm down and I need help. I'll get up as soon as somebody will try to help me.

It will be ok. I'm sure of it. And if it's not ok, then I'll just force it to be ok! :)Now, meet Yulia Gorbachenko and her amazing work! Traces of feeling (if you ask me). The model, the atmosphere, the light...perfection!
I am very much intrigued in the unpredictable results obtained from the experiment between a subject and myself. The discovery of a model’s charisma, mood, and emotion at the exact moment the shutter clicks is what makes “fashion imagery” more than a mere shot. No outlined storyboard or plan is needed. Staying within preset lines causes the magic of that connection to be lost. Yes, I do start with a concept in my head but once I’m on set I just let the energy guide my subject and I through the creation of each image.

Color, flare, and beauty are my addictions. My heart serves as guide – it never fails. My inspiration is unpredictable but its beauty precise. I see it, touch it, feel it, smell it; I find it everywhere. All of my images capture the unique and irreplaceable beauty of a model’s essence – nothing else is enough to please my demand for utmost expression. My desire to reach perfection is an obsession. It’s an insane illusion that will never happen but it fuels my Art.
- Yulia GorbachenkoFrom: Yulia Gorbachenko

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's Magic!

This will be short and sweet.

Why "short"?
Because I really need to sleep. Really now...After a few days of being normal (sleeping more then 2h/night) the insomnia is back. I miss sleeping! I'm so tired...

Why "sweet"?
Because I am a fan. I really like the work of Harry Houdini! He was amazing! He was fantastic, magical and a real entertainer! And today, we celebrate 137 years since his birth!
Ever since I came in contact with his work (in a magazine, when I was little), ever since then, I BELIEVE IN MAGIC!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Balloons-Making Off

Now you get the post with the balloons...or at least you can get an idea about what we were doing. Still, it's going to be a while until you'll see the images (yep, that's the dress!)

I made it especially for Cristina, starting with the main idea of the I Wear My Heart on the Outside coat. She wanted a dress, so that she could wear it no matter the weather, or season, outside. If you ask me, it turned out cute as a button!

Now, as far as I go, after seeing these pictures, I urge you! Please! Tell me to sit straight!!! Plsss!!!! Uh...note to self: You are a lady! Act like one!!! Nevertheless, we had fun with all those balloons! :)Images by Bogdan Hudac for theFword

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Making New Friends: Retrobo!

Because Retrobo doesn't talk back!
Because Retrobo doesn't think you look trashy when you go out!
Because Retrobo is just sooo cool!

You still are not convince?! Well, imagine this: you! At the office! Very bored! Very upset! Then, you remember Retrobo is in your desk! You take him out, power him and then, the fun begins!!! :))))My personal favorite is Robotank R1
Robotank R1 joined Robotrons shortly after he left Nebula 4, a planet well known as the most inhospitable place in the whole Universe where the night temperature drops below 150 degrees Celsius and the day one even lower.
Robotank was not constructed to provide sophisticated analyzes. He will crush everything that stands him in a way and only after that he interrogates (most of the time there is no one to interrogate anymore). It was build using a secret combination of metals and his body is twice as solid as it seems to.
Robotank hates Sonicons, intellectuals and stairs.
Robotank is an iron fist of Robotrons.
Sooo sweet! Look at him go:From: Retrobo

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Like all the girls I know, I'm crazy about balloons and I'm crazy about colors! So, I asked myself why not have a little photo shoot with over 100 balloons? (now, after filling them with air from our own lungs...I would think twice before repeating this experience...)

It all went well and we had loads of fun (that's what happens when you work with friends). So, a big thank you to: Crisu, Nico, Ioana, Bogdan, Udo and Bogdan (yes, yes...2 different persons) and KF!

Now, let me get ready to go out and celebrate!
The images soon!
Kisses!!! Images: theFword

Friday, March 18, 2011

Papa Was a Rolling Stone...

...and a Led Zeppelin fan and so on!

That's why, all I could do was fallow in his footsteps...
...even if I do it while drinking some wine with a few friends, wearing an AC/DC t-shirt, with leather pants, pearls, a Chanel jacket and high heels. I'm sure he's proud of me, no matter what!

Have a great weekend (I know I will-> a little photo shoot is going to take place)!
And remember: PARTY LIKE ROCK STARS!Images: theFword

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Fashion Cocktail

Eveleigh's Chanel No. 5:
Serrano infused mescal

Miam!!! Deliciously weekend-fun!
KF people! I need this!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Goodbye Winter

After a few "sunny posts" I think it's time to officially say "Goodbye!" to winter. To the cold, to the ice, to big coats, to the snow! It was fun, but it's time to move on! We'll see you cold weather in a few months!

So we, at theFword, decided to say our farewell with the help of a few images from Chase (who, by the way, we adore!). Enjoy the snow-fun and have a wonderful spring-summer 2011! Kisses!From: TrendLand

Monday, March 14, 2011

What I Think About...

Here is how I see the world. You can get an idea about what I'm thinking about when I'm bored. :))) Kidding!!! (in a way...)

But I really like these photos and I hope you will do too! So much fun, in a geeky kind of way! Seriously now, that how I would do the dishes if I had a Storm Trouper can only dream! (by the B-day is in a few months....) :))))