Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Supposed to be FUN!

After a nice, cute weekend with friends and family, it's time to get back to reality! Hectic schedules, fabric dramas, technology freak-outs! :)) And I was saying Fashion Is Supposed to be FUN?! should be!!!

But it the end of the day!
And if it's not fun, then it sure is funny! ;)))

Kisses to all of you, my dear readers (I won't call you followers, because I just hate that word!!!). You are my imaginary friends, that I hope to meet one day! Have a lovely week!

image: theFword
*hairstyle inspired by the lovely Ioana Liliana Gheorghe, from Fashezine!


Katia said...

How did you make your hair? So cute !

Arina said...
:*** 10q

kitoiré said...

Looooove the hair!!
you should check out me giveaway here :) H&M and MAC!

Arina said...

10q sweetie! :)

Katia said...

Devine à quoi ressemble ma coiffure aujourd'hui ? :)
Merci pour le lien !
Bonne semaine

Arina said...

je veux voir photos!

Katia said...

Did you receive my last email, with a picture...I had a weird message the moment I sent it, even though it does appear in my "sent box messages" ?

Arina said...

nope, didn't get them... :)