Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The 8th of March

For me, the 8th of March is Mother's Day.
I just can't remember when it all became Women's Day (not that I'm complaining or anything...) Still, for me today is all about my mom!So, first of all, I have to wish my mom a great day!
Now, as far as we all go...partyyyyyy! :))) Kidding! We'll leave that for the weekend. But you must do something special today. Why? Just because you can (and you must).

* the image is of me, with my mom! :)


nookie said...

agree with you!! today is Mother's Day!

ps: adorable pix:X:X:X:X

kitoiré said...

today's my sisters 22nd birthday! that photo of you and your mumma is lovely :) xxx

Arina said...

10q Nookie :***

Arina said...

kitoiré: happy b-day to your sis!!! :)