Friday, March 25, 2011

On the Down-Dark-Side

On the Down-Dark-Side, the only thing you get to see is the trace your feelings leave behind!

As usual, whenever I think things get great, something will go wrong. Really now, I don't understand why I'm not expecting for all the bad things to happen?!...they always take me by surprise... Seriously, I know why. It's because I just don't believe in evil. In bad people. Not even in horrible circumstances.

And while I'm dreaming with my eyes open (of an opened desert by night, writing on the sky above it, with fiery sticks) life goes on. Life gets you down. Life will rub all your happy feeling in your face! Yes...yes... BLEAH!

Even so, I'm not one to usually show people my dark moments (I think everybody has problems and they don't really need my stuff on their mind). But sometimes, they get to see me down. It's because sometimes, I need people to see that I'm down and I need help. I'll get up as soon as somebody will try to help me.

It will be ok. I'm sure of it. And if it's not ok, then I'll just force it to be ok! :)Now, meet Yulia Gorbachenko and her amazing work! Traces of feeling (if you ask me). The model, the atmosphere, the light...perfection!
I am very much intrigued in the unpredictable results obtained from the experiment between a subject and myself. The discovery of a model’s charisma, mood, and emotion at the exact moment the shutter clicks is what makes “fashion imagery” more than a mere shot. No outlined storyboard or plan is needed. Staying within preset lines causes the magic of that connection to be lost. Yes, I do start with a concept in my head but once I’m on set I just let the energy guide my subject and I through the creation of each image.

Color, flare, and beauty are my addictions. My heart serves as guide – it never fails. My inspiration is unpredictable but its beauty precise. I see it, touch it, feel it, smell it; I find it everywhere. All of my images capture the unique and irreplaceable beauty of a model’s essence – nothing else is enough to please my demand for utmost expression. My desire to reach perfection is an obsession. It’s an insane illusion that will never happen but it fuels my Art.
- Yulia GorbachenkoFrom: Yulia Gorbachenko


Anonymous said...

Life is such a fight! I have experienced mean people from an early age...and as my better half say :"mama prostilor e tot timpul gravida !" I send you a big smile from the Atlantic ocean...and yes, it will be Ok !

Arina said...

your better half is really smart! ;)))