Sunday, March 20, 2011

Making New Friends: Retrobo!

Because Retrobo doesn't talk back!
Because Retrobo doesn't think you look trashy when you go out!
Because Retrobo is just sooo cool!

You still are not convince?! Well, imagine this: you! At the office! Very bored! Very upset! Then, you remember Retrobo is in your desk! You take him out, power him and then, the fun begins!!! :))))My personal favorite is Robotank R1
Robotank R1 joined Robotrons shortly after he left Nebula 4, a planet well known as the most inhospitable place in the whole Universe where the night temperature drops below 150 degrees Celsius and the day one even lower.
Robotank was not constructed to provide sophisticated analyzes. He will crush everything that stands him in a way and only after that he interrogates (most of the time there is no one to interrogate anymore). It was build using a secret combination of metals and his body is twice as solid as it seems to.
Robotank hates Sonicons, intellectuals and stairs.
Robotank is an iron fist of Robotrons.
Sooo sweet! Look at him go:From: Retrobo

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