Saturday, March 19, 2011


Like all the girls I know, I'm crazy about balloons and I'm crazy about colors! So, I asked myself why not have a little photo shoot with over 100 balloons? (now, after filling them with air from our own lungs...I would think twice before repeating this experience...)

It all went well and we had loads of fun (that's what happens when you work with friends). So, a big thank you to: Crisu, Nico, Ioana, Bogdan, Udo and Bogdan (yes, yes...2 different persons) and KF!

Now, let me get ready to go out and celebrate!
The images soon!
Kisses!!! Images: theFword


Castle Fashion said...

I love your blog. We have very similar tastes.

-__- Still jealous you got to see Parov Stelar. [Melts]

Arina said...

:))) 10q sweetie!
and yes, Parov was crazy! Go see them when you get the chance! :**