Wednesday, March 2, 2011

United Nude - Mens Collection

Boys! Boys! Be calm, now United Nude is going to make you walk with a smile! (I know that's my state of mind when I'm wearing my pair of Folds)

They look ├╝ber-cool and they are more then comfortable! Also, the price isn't bad, coming at about $190.00 (with a great variety of colors and colors combination). Believe me, you'll become a fan as soon as you start wearing your own pair:
The United Nude Fold is about the fluent movement of a single strip. The strip folds around the foot front-to-back-to-front like a scarf.
Now, I'm not sure which I like best. The over-colored ones, or the ones in solid colors. Well, I do love the color-crazy, but I would go for the aubergine ones! Yep...for men, a solid color print is way better!

No matter what, when it comes to United Nude, I can feel the LOVE!From: United Nude


jovana said...

lovely blog! i'm so glad i found it!


Arina said...

:) I'm so happy you like it! Kisses and love!