Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Redhead at Parov Stelar

Hello! Hello!

Just a short post because the sun is out, the weather is fine and I need (no, no, no...I must) go outside and "hunt" for models! Yesss! Today I'm gonna sit on a bench, drink loads of coffee and look at chicks! (kidding...I'm just looking for the next model to shoot my collection)

Anyways, last night I (together with a few friends) went to the Parov Stelar concert in Timisoara. It was so much fun!!! Great music, great atmosphere, great band, great crowd! ;))) Saw a lot of old friends (all happy to find out I'm in Timisoara). AAAhhhh, it was fantastic!!!

Back to the subject (this is turning out to be a pretty crazy post...)!
Meet Ioana Ciurlea! A cute as a button redhead, editor at Analog TV in Timisoara! I just had to take her picture, because she (and her outfit) were so perfect for this event! Comfortable and sweet! Also, I just LOVEEE her haircut (doesn't it look pixie-like?).
Yes: lovely, fun and sooo Parov Stelar!In the end, my favorite song, A Night in Torino (plus an image from the concert). Hope those of you in Bucharest right now, will go see them.
Believe me, the concert is loads of fun!


Castle Fashion said...


I'm sorry, I probably sound like a nut but they are my favorite band ever. I don't believe they do concerts in America though. So jealous/happy for you!! [Sigh]

Castle Fashion

Arina said...

sweetie, come to Romania!
We'll show you a good time ;)