Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Happiest Girl In The World: Andreea Bosneag

That's right, she is the actress from the movie with the same name (Cea mai Fericita Fata din Lume) and last night she won a Gopo Award while wearing one of my creations (+ Mihaela Glavan shoes).
-> another image HERE.The Gopo Awards are Romanian's Movie Industry Awards and Andreea Bosneag won the best newcomer one (tinere sperante). Believe me when I say it was a true honor for me to make the dress for this really talented young girl.
Before meeting her, I loved the movie, the character. After meeting her, I started to love the actor, the artist!

The trailer The Happiest Girl In The World: All the love from theFword and Arina Varga (plus friends from Arad)! We can't wait to see more great things from you Andreea!

PS. I just love this picture:Img.From:, Premiile Gopo

I Made This - 2nd Edition

Unfortunately, dew to a few misshapes I won't be taking part as a seller to this event, but you can be sure I will be there! So, why not come over for a coffee, fashion and friends!

Hair Styles and My Creations

OK. So, my stylist (Simona Racosi) asked me a few weeks ago if I can dress-up 2 models for a Trands in Hairstyling show at a mall in my hometown.

As soon as she told me that the models (yes, one is Adina from I Scream SPLASH!) will be redheads I said YES! Fun, right? I will post more pictures (better ones) as soon as I can.From: Aradon

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Grandma's Backyard

My Grandma's Backyard Screams SPLASH!
This is for Gabriela (MGB) how's being a little silly and thinking about taking a break from blogging! Get your mind straight! :)) And yes...this is the place where I splash my designs! I enjoy the fresh air! :)))

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Get Your Fashionary!

Now, I won't start blabling about how much I want this and how close my birthday is and how cheep and useful it is!!! Nooo...just the basic needed information (and I'm sure you'll want one too)!

FASHIONARY is the 1st sketchbook tailor made for fashion designers.
The book is divided into 2 parts: Information & Templates.

Information Part (34 pages)
• 1200 brands index
• Measurement tools
• Body measurements
• 10 basic patterns
• Specs Sheets
• Typography & boards
• Books and bookmarks list
• Fashion events
• Textile information
• Monthly Calendar
• Contact Sheets
• Price: $16.00 USD (ETSY)

Figure templates Part (130 pages)
• Blended female figures

• Tailor made for fashion designers
• Suitable for brainstorming
• Handy reference
• Increase the speed of sketching
• Improve regularly according to feedback & trend
• Convenient to bring along
How does it work? Here you go:


Street Dance! Streeeet Dance!

In the words of the great Break Machine (Street Dance):
Everywhere that you may go
We're jammin' in the street
All the people that you meet
Dance to the beat
A photoshoot that I really really (cross my heart and hope to die!) LOVE!!! Yes, this is what I like, need, want! You can find it in Be Street Magazine (a great French Urban Magazine).

photographer: Ruud Baan (I'm sure you'll enjoy his work!)
stylist: Isis Vaandrager (an amazing stylist)From: Design You Trust

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kanye's New Blog

Visit it for a change. More visual information, less ads! Great for inspiration, just like a breath of fresh air! Visit the New Kanye West Blog!
About it, the artist had this to say:
We used to be the niggas rocking polo shirts, Louie backpacks, paper denim jeans, and exclusive Adidas from Sportie LA.
From: Trend Land

Protect You Head/Eyes!

It's here!
It's now!
A 2 in 1 fantasy come true! :))) From Mykita Eyewear, fall/winter 2010 collection, the set (I won't say thing) prices at 575 Euro!
I like...IT...I need it, but I'm not sure I could wear them outside! :)

From: Juiced Magazine

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Will You Create, or Will You Donate?

I will donate, because I just can't be in Bucharest on that date! But I'll be thinking of you all, hoping the event will turn out fantastic! For more info. visit RFB (Romanian Fashion Bloggers)!

This is the dress that I'm sending (it Screams SPLASH!):

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Scream SPLASH - Making OFF

Now, I really have no idea why I didn't shear the Making Off photos with you all! Silly me!
Sorry! So, here they are, my friends: models, art directors, photographers, assistants...wonderful people! :)

Maybe soon I'll shear the true shooting for I Scream SPLASH! (that didn't make the deadline, but that looks fantastic). Anyways, want to know why I started thinking about the making off? I'm preparing a new one!!! :P

'till then, enjoy the I Scream SPLASH! Making OFF! many pics with me! I guess I'm feeling pretty guilty and wanting to share :P

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fashion Fun for HIM

ohhhh!!!This just made my miserable week feel a lot better!
Thank you God for man like Theophilus London! Now, this is how a fashion fun without looking ridiculous (as far as I'm concerned)! Again and again: Fashion Is Supposed to be FUN! This time, here it is!

Uhh...speak less! I just love this shoot!Make sure to also check this article (also from Complex Magazine) about HOW TO DRESS LIKE A DR.SEUSS CHARACTER!

From: Complex Magazine

Playing Fashion Games

With Lanvin Dolls, of course! The new Miss Lanvin Dolls are out (there are a couple for the 120th anniversary too).

So, if you love playing the fashion game, I'm sure you'll want one! I know I do...want..all of them!!!

All you have to do is click here and buy one (but keep in mind, they don't come cheep...sadly)!

From: I want I got