Thursday, March 18, 2010

Get Your Fashionary!

Now, I won't start blabling about how much I want this and how close my birthday is and how cheep and useful it is!!! Nooo...just the basic needed information (and I'm sure you'll want one too)!

FASHIONARY is the 1st sketchbook tailor made for fashion designers.
The book is divided into 2 parts: Information & Templates.

Information Part (34 pages)
• 1200 brands index
• Measurement tools
• Body measurements
• 10 basic patterns
• Specs Sheets
• Typography & boards
• Books and bookmarks list
• Fashion events
• Textile information
• Monthly Calendar
• Contact Sheets
• Price: $16.00 USD (ETSY)

Figure templates Part (130 pages)
• Blended female figures

• Tailor made for fashion designers
• Suitable for brainstorming
• Handy reference
• Increase the speed of sketching
• Improve regularly according to feedback & trend
• Convenient to bring along
How does it work? Here you go:



Simona said...

I think this is amazing, I want one now!

Arina said...

I want 3! ;)))