Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Giveaway - Arina Varga

Because it's Christmas and because it's time to share, Atelier Arina Varga decided to giveaway a dress and 3 Christmas clutches!

The dress is a soft, white one, with Swarovski Crystals and asymmetric details. Size M. You can wear it with a belt or louse. You can wear it like a dress, or maybe even with leather pants (for a more rock-like look). It will be your choice, because it could be YOUR dress!

The clutch can go as a unique accessory for a Christmas party. Fun and also useful, it's just Atelier Arina Varga's way of saying thank you for a great year!

Just join the facebook page: Atelier Arina Varga! You can do that until Thursday, December 22nd 2011, at 10 PM! (yes...sorry, only a few days...but that is because Atelier Arina Varga want's you to get your gifts until Christmas)

Good Luck!

*this is just the first giveaway! Many more will come next year!From: Atelier Arina Varga

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