Friday, October 23, 2009

A Minimal Mini Dress

Well...I found out about this project thanks to a friend (a boy...of course). What can I say? I love it...even tough there is not much to love about it. Maybe that's why I find it so interesting and so simple at the same time!Prodject description:
A minimal dress is a piece of clothing-a dress-, made with as little material as possible, but still remaining a dress.

May I ask how many costumes she wears out each year?
My dear sir, the clothing of a lady does not wear out through her wearing of it, but through her being seen in it. – Richard Steele
Our clothes are more quickly discarded as a result of changing fashion than because of wear and tear. The consumption of material by the clothing industry is gigantic as a result.
Digna Kosse designed fifteen dresses that are far from voracious consumers of material. She demonstrates that you can minimize these pieces of clothing to a few threads at the most. Minimal Dresses are wispier than wispy, yet they remain feminine dresses with which to make a fashion statement.
From: Dezeen

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