Friday, January 22, 2010

His Name Was: Dash Snow

And art was his game. At first in graffiti and then Polaroids, collages, installations. I don't really know much about him and because I found this interesting text (from Daaaaang Blog) I'll just do the right thing and paste it!
So, take some time and meet Dash Snow! Here I posted some of his Polaroids, just because I find them so interesting...and why not? They tell the story of his life!
Most people now knew him by his gallery art (via Peres Projects, Vice, etc.), polaroids, collages, installations and by his name Dash Snow. But before being gallery-bound, we knew him as the graffiti writer Sacer of the infamous Irak crew (Earsnot too). He had already earned his reputation in the graffiti world as "the crazy one" showing courage with height conquering pieces atop barely-there ledges on bridges, as well as his eagerness to just get up everywhere he could (His name was everywhere).
For the graffiti scene, he had earned his props, for alot of the art world, he was a promising guy with a drug problem who exhibited his nights of frivolity, sex, drugs and danger via polaroids, that seemed to make for good content for an art world needy of the "bad boy" persona. For us and many others, he was the type of person you hear only exists through stories, myths and in photographs. He was like a ghost.
It seems fitting, along with other unique individuals of the past (Hendrix, Basquiat, Joplin, Morrison, Cobain), that someone with an intense life like Snow would succumb to tragedy at such an early age of 27 (Hendrix, Basquiat, Joplin, Morrison & Cobain along with many others were 27 when they died), but we're never really sure why that has to be. You'll definitley be missed.
From: DAAAAANG, Dash Snow (see the Polaroids)

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