Tuesday, March 24, 2009

He's OK!

Well, most of you (those whom are not from Romania) might not understand what I'll be talking about. But please bear with me!

I've just found out that Cristi Minculescu (lead singer in the rock band Iris) survived a very difficult liver surgery. I won't get into more details, because it doesn't matter any more. He's fine!

Why is he so important to me? Because I've grown up with he's band music. I grow up with Iris. And even though I'm no longer such a big fan, they still have an important place in my heart.

But enough with the soapy staff. I wish him all the best and to get well soon! So, this being a fashion blog, here are a few old photos of Cristi and Iris. ohhh...to be young and restless....
Img. from: Andrei Paunescu


valy said...

Iti doresc o primavara frumoasa!

Arina said...

Multumesc frumos :) Asemenea!