Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Too Need to Say "Goodbye!"

Maybe you all were wondering why I didn't write a post about the death of Michael Jackson...well, there were just so many things to say and at the same time, it all seems not enough!Michael Jackson was the first one to make me a fan! He was my first idol and that won't change no matter what!
His video was the first one I saw on Mtv (I remember this because Mtv came in Romania just after the Revolution - 1990). It was Thriller.

When he came to Romania, for his first concert in my country (1992), I just couldn't believe it. I still can't believe that a star of Michal Jackson's caliber came here so soon after the falling of the Communist regime...puff, just can't explain it.
Because I was so small at that time, I couldn't go to see the concert, but I watched it on tv...and loved it! (Yes, I did it all: cried, danced, yield, singed)

I used to try to dress like him, made my hair curly, wear hats and a white glove. Yes, at 7 years old I used to be a big fan! But things changed, I grew-up, started to listen to other artists, but never forgot him!

Now, I will miss him as an artist, as a fashion inspiration...as an entertainer! Even if his passing hurts, I will always have his music, his videos, his style. I will always have the videos of me playing the role of Michael. He will always be part of my life (and I'm sure I'm not the only one).

He's gone, but prepare now for a hard, glittery and simply BAD Michael Jackson trend in fashion! Can't wait!!!

So, bye this I take off my white glove and gangster black hat and say: Goodbye!


Gabriela Vlad said...

i cried yesterday :((

Arina said...

uh...I'm feeling you. Eu in ultima vreme plang cand aud melodiile lui la radio (in timp ce conduc, si sunt bloca in trafic, si...si...si...)

Nu stiu, eu parca tot nu cred :)