Sunday, June 1, 2008

Philip Lim Fashion: Girl or Woman?

Yes, now it's possible for little girls to dress just as their fashionable moms, with the all new Kid by Philip Lim line.It's a rear thing to see this in the fashion world, especially when we're talking about small versions of the grown-up dresses.Of course, the issue of designer clothes for kids is always a bit of a controversial one in itself, raising important questions such as: Do kids really NEED designer clothes?! Isn't it a bit wasteful to spend hundreds of dollars/euros on clothes they'll just ruin? And, most importantly, "Oh My God! Is that trench coat available in adult sizes, by any chance?"
Creepy or cute? I just can't decide...Maybe cute when you see it in pictures and creepy when it becomes reality. Anyways, it's fun looking at them!

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