Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cut & Wear

Keeping in the crazy-fashion mood, I cam upon Issey Miyake's practical blouse/shirt for the masses.As you can see, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. But is it as creative as Dior, or Balenciaga? And most of all, why make such a blouse, in the first place?!
This is the A-POC = "a piece of cloth". It refers to both the fashion label and the manufacturing process behind it. That process breaks one of the fundamental laws of fashion physics: cut and sew. Normally, clothes are made by weaving thread or yarn into fabric, which is then snipped and stitched to create, say, a dress. The A-POC method requires no sewing. Thread goes into the loom, the dress comes out. Specifically, a flattened tube of material emerges that contains the finished shirt, skirt, or pants. Moreover, the material can be snipped anywhere without unraveling, a feature that allows for complete customization. A pair of scissors and a flirtatious spirit can turn a turtleneck into a plunging V-neck.

Miyake has so far kept the patent-pending process a closely guarded secret. But fashion insiders recognize that the technology behind A-POC - the process of melding thread into clothing, seamlessly - represents an entirely new way of making clothes, one that has less to do with the needles and bobbins of a garment factory than with rapid prototyping methods used in manufacturing. The real effect of A-POC has yet to be felt.

So, I guess it's really a combination between fashion and product design.

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