Sunday, May 25, 2008

Artist, or Designer?

For me, that is the question.
It all started a few days ago, before the Student Fashion Festival, in Cluj. I was trying to relax on the Internet, loosing myself among the pixels when I cam upon an interesting blog (here is the link for you Romanian speakers). Octavian was raising a disturbing issue: are we, the clothes creators designers, or artists?
I agree, there is a point where art and fashion are one and the same, but just a point. Even so, at the university we are educated on using alternative fabrics/materials for making clothes, like paper, wood...we are being encouraged expressing our creativity as much as possible (this sometimes becomes boring and meaningless).
For me, I'm more practical. So I guess I'm somewhere at the border. But what if there is no border, or even more, one must chose. To be an artist, or a designer? It's a great thing to believe we are given a choice. But let's be fair, WE will never be seen as artists by painters, sculptors etc, and never as designers by graphic designers.
WE are freaks and that isn't really a bad thing. Just remember what Carry said (in the first season of Sex and the City, even if she was talking about relationships): We will find our own group of freaks, that will kiss our little freaky horns and make everything better.

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