Sunday, May 4, 2008

Architecture - Using Balls of String

Fashion and architecture go well hand in hand. That's a fact.

But I'm not talking about architects that love fashion (even tough, lately I seem to bump into them at every corner. It must be a trend...I guess...). My interest is focused on fashion designers that find their inspiration in architecture, in the perfection of the shapes, in the vibration of the city. A revers perspective if you compare it to the architects' one, that aspires to the organic, natural shape (like Antonio Gaudi).

Meet Sandra Backlund - my favorite knit wear designer. She is not that famous (yet!), but she promises a lot. Sandra is also famous foe using in her clothing design different types of materials: hair, wood, paper etc. It is amazing how she can highlight, distort and transform the natural silhouette of the body, that's why whenever I'm looking at one of her collections, I realize she is the missing link between art, fashion and architecture. A difficult fusion, especially when combining all of them in an outfit. But Sandra pulled it off, the clothes are really wearable, with a touch of fashionable-craziness.

It probably isn't the best time to show winter clothes. Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. They are sooo beautiful, that if I postpone them any longer, I will surely forget about them. Here you go:

In No Time

Ink Blot Test

Don't Walk

Diamond Cut Diamond

Blank Page

Body Silk and Hair
So, fashion and architecture make a pretty good team, especially from the artistic point of view. Because even tough bought fashion and architecture must have a practical point/purpose, all they really want to do is to create. To create art, feelings, beauty...

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Each one of these are really cool!
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