Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Genevieve from Wonderland

For a while now, I'm having an obsession. Her name: Genevieve Gauckler. If you know her - you know her works, if you know her works - you know here (believe me, you know her).

She is a French graphic designer, that has been working on her own for 12 years in different fields : print, video, web...Genevieve had collaborations with Yves Saint Laurent, Pleix (video), Mandalas and many more.

But that doesn't matter. What I want to show you, are her works, especially a new project. It's a comic book, entitled L'Arbre Genialogique The story? It's pretty straightforward: a man and a woman fall in love and get a child who becomes a grown-up and meets a woman, they fall in love and get children, etc. So it's a kind of a genealogic tree with around 200 generations (as described by Genevieve).
The interesting thing about this illustration, is that the characters (very simple as far as the design goes), are set on a neutral background (white). So, even if all is black and white, a beautiful, fascinating world is created.
Here are a few family members:

She is truly an artist, but she exist in a much different world then ours. A wonderland. Yes...she must be an alien!

For more info's, works & stuff go to her blog or web site.

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