Monday, April 28, 2008

Redhead - j'adore

Most people like to make a connection between hair and personality. But I think it goes the other way around.

We know what it's said about blonds and brunets, but what do we really know about redheads? The most impressing thing that I found about them is related to religion. The innocent, pre-apple Eve was blond, whereas the Eve being kicked out of the Garden of Eden was wearing nothing but her long red hair. You can see this on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
Another strange and interesting thing, is that redheads make up only 4 % of the world's population. Yes, I'm talking about natural redheads. Even so, the redness of the hair comes from within. It's pretty hard to be one!
Red hair also had an up and down relationship with art throughout the ages. Both Botticelli and Titian are noted for painting red haired women, as are the pre-Raphael painters of the 19th Century. You can see some interesting paintings featuring red hair women on this little on-line gallery.

But enough with the serious stuff, this girls are suppose to be extremely bubbly. That's why I'll talk about my favorite redheads! They are all cartoon characters, mostly because I just don't want to forget anyone. So, first of all, there is Jessica Rabbit. The first time I saw her, I was about 12 and I still think she is the hottest cartoon character ever (simple and sexy). On the other hand, I just adore Louis Griffin - for all that she is. This two together are the definition of redheaded women: sexy, smart, stubborn, full of ambition, with a little bit of evil!

So, I guess redheads are witches, muses, saints, actresses, cartoon characters, girls with braids (that are so tightly wound that they stick out sideways from her head) and even desperate housewives. All in one: fascinating!

Why write about redheads? A Hello-Kitty loving, dream catcher, muffin maker redhead inspired me!

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