Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Age of the Geek

Like it or not, the geek is an important fashion figure thees days. In my opinion, it all started with Napoleon Dynamite and it's outrageous look ( so horrible, it became interesting).

So, before you rush out and buy yourself pocket pencil holders and pirate shirts remember the golden rule: less means more. I started to look up this trend and as far as I'm concern, the geek should find a place in accessories. You should start searching for Space Invaders broaches, Star Trek year-rings, Nintendo belt buckles, or t-shirts printed with messages in the binary code (0010100011....). Remember, when you think geek you think all of the above + Star Wars, Transformers, Lego, computers, future, space, aliens and so on...

Now this is the jewelery that I adore. Wearing something like this can be so much fun, it should be illegal (who's the geek now? :)) ).
Yes, girls. The geek can be sexy and you know it. He is clumsy and cute and he has such a big-over the top-gorgeous-sexy brain.
Tomorrow try something new. It won't be easy and I guarantee it will feel strange. But you'll get to have some fun for a change, by wearing something too strange to call it fashion. Even so, it is fashion and it's absolutely fantastic-bombastic!

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