Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Balenciaga! Oh, Balenciaga!

It's all over, the votes are in, the people had decided! The winner is: BALENCIAGA!!!
For the past month I tried to find out your spring-summer 2008 favorite collection. So far, the winner is one of this season most popular (yes, I will say it's name again) Balenciaga. Why shouldn't it be? It's the perfect combination between some of the seasons trends: it has flower prints, it has interesting-geometrical cuts and also gladiator style sandals. Maybe that is why you voted for Balenciaga, maybe you voted it for another reason (pleas tell me), or maybe you didn't vote matter what, Balenciaga is the winner!
You can view here the complete show, on video, or just look over the pictures. Enjoy!

On the second place were Dolce & Gabbana (the collection is really great, a strong comeback on the fashion stage for the 2 Italians) and Gucci(a new designer, but still a magnificent collection) - at a tie. Then, there was Chanel (some of you really love the King, I'm sure of that) and on the 4th place, Gallaino - eh, everybody's a critic!
Form my point of view, they are all winners. I just couldn't decided which one was my favorite collection, so I asked you. Do I agree with the result? Well...Balenciaga is truly the collection closest to my heart, but I don't think it's the best. Even so, it seams my favorite is also your favorite! Yeeeyyyyyy!

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