Tuesday, May 6, 2008

TomCat - Walk

People don't believe man fashion can be surprising, but this fall guys seem to have as much fun with fashion as woman do. From high quality tailor suits, to fantasy and madness, designers offer it all (and maybe even more).

Here are a few of my favorite looks for the cold season (Fall 2008). Most of them fallow 2 or 3 of the most popular trends, the ones that I like: workers unite (fresh, urban, relaxed), plaid men (it must be a British frenzy), protect your neck (turtlenecks, scarfs, everything must cover the neck) and black on black (the little black dress-an easy way to get a perfect look).

Alexander McQueen:
Big, mailman bags are a must this season, especially when worn with suits. Also the belt must accentuate the waist (a young Alain Delon reminder)

Costume National:
Plaids, lines, geometrical inserts. A serious look, that seems to hide a punk soul. As you probably noticed, the thin tie is still in (is it me, or is this tie getting thinner and thinner by the season?).

Rag & Bone:
banker-meets-buckshot” (Los Angeles Times). Everything is great here, but the thing that I love the most, is the presence of one small accessory: the tie pin.
Beautiful detail in the neck aria. Black on black - this way, all the mystery is in the texture. It also offers an interesting way to transform a classic/perfect look, into a breath of fresh air.

Salvatore Ferragamo:
The classic Italian look: cuts that compliment the body, gloves, leather...Ti amo! Ti amo!

Sean John:
Anna Wintour's protege and with good reason. Not my type of men (too stiff for me), the label offers a look that screams impeccable (a great combination between the American style and British tailor)!

But what would be the world of fashion, without the one and only John Galliano? He just went all the way this time, creating true story characters. At first, his collection might shock you, but as you'll watch it again, you'll realize some clothes are pretty wearable. I, for one, love it (and him)!
John Galliano:

The end, of the new beginning - even tough it's only May, fall will come and you must be prepared!

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La multi ani iubire!